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  1. What a great way to make memories! It was always a big production but my kids really enjoyed going fishing and crabbing during the summer. As they got involved in other activities it became harder to schedule because the weekends were packed, but I’m glad we got to go when they were small.

    1. Yes that is exactly why I want to be so intentional now while they are young because I know the days are coming when I won’t be able to compete with friends or other activities! 🙂

  2. Great ideas! I especially love including time with Jesus. Sometimes during the summer, it feels like our schedules get off, and we end up running around from one activity to the next, and we can forget how crucial our time in the Bible really is!

    1. Yes so true! I always feel silly scheduling time with Jesus or rest time but I know in our busy days if it’s not written out in front of me, I would let it slip and I don’t want to do that! Plus I want to teach my kids that it’s important to build in the time too, regardless of what season we are in.

  3. I love this!! This will be great for my family someday. I can’t believe how time flies with kids so I love that this really makes it count and gives you a chance to spend as much time with them as possible.

  4. Love your Bucket list for Summer fun! I hope you get to cross off every one and have fun in doing so!

  5. Thanks for the free printable and the reminder to be more intentional. I can’t believe how fast the summer gets away form us!

  6. As a mother of three, I actually teared up at that first bit! The years are short, indeed.

    For my summer bucket list, we change it up a bit every year, but the constant item there is the decoration/redecoration of the exterior of our home. Oh how the kids love the excuse to bring out their inner artists!

  7. What a great idea! It is so crazy how fast time goes by once you become a Mom and I want to enjoy every minute of it with my sons as I can. So glad that there are other Moms who feel the same way! Thanks for sharing on Social Butterfly Sunday this week!

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  9. Really good list! It made me miss summer reading it. My aim for Spring is to spend more time outside and enjoy some of the ideas on your list. Thanks

  10. I love summer, am already making my list of things to do for summer 2018. I’m being inspired by the longer days! Thanks for the ideas – you had a few I hadn’t thought of!

    1. I’m in planning mode too Stephanie! I can’t believe summer will be here soon. I’m glad this has helped you think through a few new things for ideas 🙂

  11. I love summer, am already making my list of things to do for summer 2020. I’m being inspired by the longer days! This is perfect information

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