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  1. This was very lovely…. We try so hard to have romance before the marriage but it is necessary to maintain…

  2. My husband and I got away, kid-free, this weekend also.

    Budget guru is my hubby’s middle name. He got very creative and we went tent camping, $22/night, and geocaching, free. If you don’t know what geocaching is check it out here: Our kids are old enough that they can stay home by themselves, or doled out to friends, and we ate sausages on tortillas, fruit and eggs.

    It was great fun. There was no TV or computer to distract. We went to bed at the same time. It was cold outside so there was lots of cuddling. And I finally found a cache without some kiddo beating me to it first. It felt like being back in high school when we still figured out fun things to do even though we were always broke.

  3. Great tips, Victoria! With kids as young as ours, time away is a must. Unfortunately it doesnt happen more than once or twice a yr for us, but we’ll get there!

    1. SO true, we had been planning our overnight for over a year before it finally happened! But despite all the work that does go into planning a nice, quick get away, it’s so worth it.

  4. We havent had a night alone since before our first was born, about 6 years ago, but we dont feel that it has had a negative effect on our marriage. While a weekend, or even a night, away alone will be lovely when it happens, we accept the stage of life we are at right now. We have found other ways to foster our marriage at this time and are closer than we have ever been, in spite of the fact that we have had night wakings and at least one child in our bed for the last 6 years 😉 Our desire right now is just to have a family vacation, as we have never had that time to just focus on family (joys of being full time farmers, there is always work that needs to be done).

    I truly belive that marriages can be fostered without leaving your children. Not that I find fault with anyone that does so. I just want people who aren’t able to go away, for whatever reason, to know that it isnt a necessity and they shouldn’t feel guilty for not being able or not choosing to do so. Your marriage can still thrive.

    1. Tessa I completely agree with you, you don’t have to get away for an overnight to enhance your marriage. I realize not everyone can swing it for a variety of reasons and I probably should have emphasized more that even a few hours away with your husband for a date night or even a walk around the block alone (or in your case around the farm) 🙂 can be so great for your marriage. It isn’t about spending money and going anywhere, rather finding creative ways to have some intentional one on one time together. It sounds like you and your husband have a good system going. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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