Your Intentional Holiday: Heart & Home Planning Guide was created to help you find more peace and joy as you plan for the final months of the year. 

Designed to help you think through what matters most to you and your family, this planning guide will help you plan for your entire holiday season, fall through the New Year, from evaluating your exceptions, identifying your priorities, planning through thoughtful traditions, and so much more! 

Ready to plan an intentional & joy-filled holiday season?

What is Your Intentional Holiday?

Both a planner and a keepsake journal, Your Intentional Holiday: Heart & Home Planning Guide provides plenty of space for planning as well as recording precious memories and events that make your holiday season memorable. 

There are over 175 pages to help get you get organized as you plan for an intentional holiday season. Your Intentional Holiday focuses on what is most important to your family allowing room to enjoy a simple and peaceful season. 

Want to make sure your family visits the pumpkin patch this fall? Hosting Thanksgiving dinner? There are plenty of fall & Thanksgiving planning pages! 

Want to make sure your family is keeping Christ the focus of your holiday season? Use the Advent planning pages to record Bible verses to meditate on and books to read together. 

From fall events all the way to the New Year, there are plenty of pages to help you plan, organize, implement, and to reflect on a truly intentional season.  

Included in the Preparing Your Heart for the Holidays section:

  • 15 reflective planning pages
  • Identifying Your Priorities
  • Evaluate Your Personal Mission Statement
  • Take a Personal Inventory of what the holidays mean to you & why you celebrate them
  • Manage Your Explications 
  • Create a Holiday Belief Statement

Use these pages to give your soul a breath of fresh air allowing you the freedom to plan a holiday season that matters most to your family and saying NO to activities that don’t matter.

Preparing Your Heart for the Holiday Season

Do the holidays make you anxious? Does family drama and conflict suffocate you? Are you drowning in the weight of expectations placed on you or that carry yourself?

I've been there too, believe me!

My personality tends to absorb the negative energy of others and, being the people pleaser I am, I used to easily become the doormat for others. 

Not anymore! I've learned a few things over the years, the main being it helps to prepare my heart for the holiday season by identifying our family priorities, managing expectations, and understanding what is important to OUR family, not someone else's. 

Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

After setting out what you think is important for your family during this time of year, it’s time to start planning what that means for your family and home. 

This is where the fun begins! 

What fall activities are important to you? Will you host Thanksgiving dinner? How will you celebrate Advent? What activities will you commit to? How will you approach simple & intentional gift giving? Does your calendar match your holiday belief statement? Is your holiday budget set?

Oh so many questions but Your Intentional Holiday: Heart & Home Planning Guide is here to help! 

Broken up into four sections, this year’s planner includes the following:

  • Your Intentional Fall Planner
  • Your Intentional Thanksgiving Planner
  • Your Intentional Advent & Christmas Planner
  • Your Intentional New Year’s Planner

Planning for all of these seasons & holidays really does help alleviate any conflict, unrealistic expectations or feelings of disappointment. As a family, you are united and on the same page as to how we will celebrate and journey through the holidays.

I know that this season is stressful and that you have a desire to be as intentional as possible when it comes to spending time with your family. Which is exactly why I took the process we work through to create You Intentional Holiday and turned it into a planning resource just for YOU!

Your Intentional Holiday: Heart & Home Planning Guide is a 180-page coil bound workbook and planner designed to help you navigate through the holiday season.

Filled with planning worksheets to help you plan your holiday belief statement, identify your expectations, plan for meaningful traditions and set your calendar up, this planning guide will help you experience more peace and joy this holiday season.

Purposely designed with simple black text and plenty of white space to give you plenty of room to customize and add your own personal style through favorite colored pens, markers, stickers, or wash tape. 

This is a physical coil bound book, measuring 8.5” x 11”. 

Order today and it will be delivered to your home in about two weeks! 

Are You Ready to Plan for Your Intentional Holiday?

Ready to take a peek inside each holiday planning section?

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. From the sights of the natural beauty in the changing leaves and the crisp, cool air, there are many wonderful activities and traditions to participate in, as well as new memories to create. 

The fall planning pages will help you to plan and map out beloved family traditions, plan a “spook”tacular fall party, organize your calendar of events, and record all of those special memories you don’t want to forget. 

With plenty of white space, you can easily fill in and add your events and notes for simple and intentional planning. 

Included in the Fall section:

  • 18 reflective planning pages 
  • Favorite Fall Activities & Traditions Planner
  • Our Family Bucket List
  • Fall Party Planner
  • Fall Party Menu
  • Fall Party Shopping List
  • Fall Calendar Events Tracker
  • 2-Page September & October Blank Calendars
  • 2-Page Spread for Fall Special Memories
  • 29 Ideas for Fall Activities
  • 2-Page Post Fall Reflection Journal
  • Fall Notes Page

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate all the precious gifts & ways God has blessed us through the year. It’s a reflection of the bountiful harvest, the gathering of family & friends, and a season to offer our heartfelt gratitude. 

The Thanksgiving planning pages will help you to plan and map out beloved family traditions, plan your Thanksgiving dinner, organize your calendar, and record all those special memories you don’t want to forget.  

With plenty of white space, you can easily fill and add your events and notes for simple and intentional planning.

The Advent season leading up to Christmas is both joyful and busy. From trimming the tree to baking cookies, driving around looking at lights, reading about Jesus’ birth, and unwrapping carefully selected gifts, this season is magical for all ages! 

Use these planning pages to plan and map out beloved family traditions, plan your Christmas Eve and Day meals, organize your calendar, and record all those special memories you don’t want to forget.  

With plenty of white space, you can easily fill and add your events and notes for simple and intentional planning.

Included in the Advent & Christmas section:

  • 78 reflective planning pages
  • Holiday Traditions Planning
  • Favorite Christmas Movies & Music Tracker
  • Advent Planning
  • Advent Storybook Tracker
  • Advent Calendar Countdown Planning
  • Advent Ideas & Activities
  • Serving Together Planner
  • 12 Days of Giving & Serving Together
  • Intentional Gift Giving Planner
  • Gift Giving for Your Children
  • Gift Giving for Your Spouse
  • Gift Giving for Everyone on Your List
  • Gift Giving Planning
  • Christmas Card Tracker
  • Holiday Budget Tracker
  • Holiday Party Planner
  • Holiday Menu & Shopping List
  • Christmas Eve Planner
  • Christmas Eve Menu & Shopping List
  • Christmas Day Planner
  • Christmas Day Menu & Shopping List
  • Holiday Baking Menu
  • Christmas Menu Planner
  • Preparing Your Calendar
  • 2-Page Holiday Calendar Events
  • 2-Page December Blank Calendar
  • 4-Page Holiday Special Memories
  • 23 Holiday Ideas & Activities
  • 2-Page Holiday Notes Page

Included in the Thanksgiving section:

  • 20 reflective planning pages
  • Favorite Thanksgiving Activities & Traditions Planner
  • Bible Study & Faith Planning
  • We Are Thankful... Daily Blessings Gratitude Log
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Planner
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
  • Shopping List 
  • Thanksgiving Budget
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Plan
  • 2-Page November Blank Calendar
  • 2-Page Spread for Thanksgiving Special Memories
  • 16 Ideas for Thanksgiving Activities
  • 2-Page Post-Thanksgiving Reflection
  • Thanksgiving Notes Page

The last days of the years are magical. Not only are you wrapping up the year but you are planning for and looking ahead to a fresh start.   

Use these planning pages to plan and map out beloved family traditions, plan your New Year’s festivities, organize your calendar, and record all those special memories you don’t want to forget.  

With plenty of white space, you can easily fill and add your events and notes for simple and intentional planning.

Included in the New Year's section:

  • 23 reflective planning pages
  • New Year’s Eve & Day Traditions
  • New Year’s Eve Party Planner
  • New Year’s Eve Party Menu
  • New Year’s Eve Shopping List
  • New Year’s Day Party Planner
  • New Year’s Day Party Menu
  • New Year’s Day Shopping List
  • New Year’s Eve & Day Special Memories
  • Post-Holiday Reflection & Planning for the New Year
  • January Blank Calendar

Ready to plan an intentional & joy-filled holiday season?

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Is there a digital option to purchase?

There is not. I didn't want you to have to pay for any additional printing or ink, not to mention the hassle of having it printed and bound. 

The good news is that when you purchase the planner, you will also have access to a special bonus page that includes many of the pages to print for additional quantities!

Is this planner dated? 

It is not! Even though the planner includes calendar pages for September through January, they are undated so you can use it this year, next year, or any time! 

Is this planner just for Christians? 

While there are many pages that emphasise planning to grow yours and your family's faith during the holiday season, majority of the pages of basic planning pages purposefully designed for intentional planning, regardless of your spiritual beliefs. 

Still have a question? 

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions and we will do our best to answer!


Is this a physical bound workbook that will be shipped to my home? 

Yes, it is! We love happy mail days!!! :) 

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery time, depending on the delivery option you choose at checkout. 

What is the size of the planner? 

It is spiral bound workbook, measuring 8.5" x 11" (similar to a standard spiral notebook). It has a heavy duty laminated full color cover, with the insided printed in black and white with plenty of blank white space for you to customize with your favorite colored pens, stickers, or washi tape. 

I downloaded the Your Intentional Holiday planner last year, what is new about this edition?

Just about everything! All of the pages have been updated and reformatted. There are also over 125 brand new pages included this year too! 

What holidays are included? 

The planner includes a generical fall section to be customized to your family's unique fall activities. It also includes a dedicated section for Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, New Year's Eve & Day. 

**Please note that due to the nature that the holiday planner is printed through the print-on-demand service, Lulu, all sales are final per their terms of service. Refunds will not be issued.  

Your Intentional Holiday: Heart & Home Planning Guide

Plan an intentional & joy-filled holiday season full of family fun & precious memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

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