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  1. I LOVE this idea. I have just embarked on an organic mission and have not yet gotten to my sun screens, makeup, etc…so this is a MUST DO FOR ME! I am now following on twitter so I can keep stealing your amazing ideas. I will be making this TODAY!!!!

    Thanks again for sharing at the on display linkup! I hope you will swing by and share again!
    Heather May

    1. Thanks for stopping by Heather! I too am on the mission to swap out our conventional products with more frugal, green alternatives. I hope to share more of our ideas soon too! I’ll be visiting your site again, love it!

  2. I have been making aromatherapy bug repellents for years. It is a feel-good option to use for our families. Look into catnip essential oil for repelling bugs, it is more effective than Deet. If you mix it into other essential oils, it can smell nice. I would add a lemony oil to go with it, just be careful what you pick, because some oils can make your skin more photosensitive. Leila.

  3. Hello Victoria and thank you for this post. It’s always fun trying out new DIY projects and learning lots of things on the way. I know apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus essential oil but not the witch hazel. It think I’ve heard that before but don’t know. Will it be safe to use that where little children are?

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