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  1. That sounds yummy!! I need to make fajita seasoning pronto! If I prep it for the freezer, do you recommend cutting and prepping everything and throwing it in a freezer bag? I mean seasonings, meat and veggies? Then would you thaw it all the way and then cook it?

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!! I’m adding this to my list! =) Have a great evening!

    1. Yep, that’s what I do. I have all the veggies and chicken sliced, and seasoned in a freezer bag. That way when it’s thawed out all I have to do is pour it in a dish and throw it in the oven. I also usually make about 2-4 bags of this at a time, that way I have several meals ready to go! Hope you enjoy. 🙂
      Also the fajita seasoning is so good. I also use it to season taco meat and black beans to serve as a side.

  2. Victoria, all I can say is yum!! I love the picture were you have all the veggies together in the pan, its so colorful! I pinned for later! 🙂

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