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  1. What a great post and this is a theme that keeps coming through at the moment. I know God has called me away from many ‘good’ activities to focus much more on Him in this season. I was so busy doing for him and our old church that I was burning out too.

    1. It is so easy to get caught up in “good” activities that lead us to burnout. I know I’ve been there too! Thanks for sharing Lizzy 🙂

  2. I love it! why…why do we make ourselves too busy? My husband has set such a great example although he works a lot he comes home makes time for me instead of turning on the tv (which we dont even use) or playing video games. He also makes time for Bible reading and prayer everyday. Through watching him I am slowly learning to prioritize and slow down.

    1. My husband is the same way. He may be super busy or stressed, but when he comes home from work he is able to focus on the kids and me easily. I think that is how they are wired! 😉 He is such a great model for us.

  3. It’s hard for us to say no and then we over book ourselves. We have to learn what works for us and what doesn’t.

    looks like a great book! I’ll have to add that to my list!

  4. I’m in the process of cutting things out of my life so I can focus on what God really wants me to. A friend has a saying that I’ve started to think often…is it good or is it great? If it’s not great then it can’t fit into my life right now.

    Great post!!

    1. “Is it good or is it great? If it’s not great then it can’t fit into my life right now.” <--- I LOVE this so much Kristi! Thanks for sharing that 🙂

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