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  1. Hi Victoria,
    Laundry is definitely one of the ‘must do daily’ chores in my house. And I guess I don’t mind it much. But one thing I haven’t done in YEARS, which I’d like to start doing again is ironing.
    I know I’d love for my family and I to have nicely pressed clothes ready to go but I never carve any time out for it. I guess because ironing is my least favourite element of the laundry.

    But I’m so thrilled by your suggestions and plan to start using them this week! You see, I broke through a dislike for doing the dishes by listening to podcasts whenever I stand at the sink. But I never thought of doing something similar for ironing!

    I really enjoy doing the dishes now because I know I can listen to some of my favourite podcasts. So I’m excited to do the same with ironing or to spend time in prayer whilst I iron!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Love this Elisa! I’m so happy some of these ideas will encourage you to use your own laundry and ironing time to listen to a podcast and pray. I know it will continue to affect your whole family! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share this.

  2. Saving up whites just wash in their own load takes too long and too much effort. I also put all colors together and use color absorber paper in the wash. Only exceptions are new dark clothes; those will definitely colour dye clothes.

    My cat loves the laundry. She’s there staring, intriqued by the washing machine spin.

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