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  1. You know, I never would have thought to pray about homemaking skills (or lack thereof). But this makes so much sense since God’s Word reminds us that He wants us to bring all our concerns to him. Thanks for this, Kelsey!
    Wishing you blessings.

  2. I cried…this is exactly what I needed today. Thank you…bless your heart.

    1. Right me to, I think if I could say the prayer ever morning, I may be able to “get it together”

  3. I am not a great homemaker either. But, you are so right, that it is pride that keeps us from inviting people over. I found that thanking God for all I had helped me clean. Before I was giving thanks, I had been grumbling and complaining and God showed me what a horrible attitude that is. I am still not the great homemaker, but I sure am more grateful and less ashamed.

  4. I never thought to pray for this… I’ve felt insecure about this occasionally too. Although I’m not seeking a perfect home, I know I need to do better. The cleaner my home is,.. the more liberated I feel.
    Amazing read.

  5. My apartment is in SHAMBLES. It’s a mess and I’ve been struggling and struggling for YEARS. Please everyone, pray for me and for speedy housecleaning and organizing help for me. May God give me the strength determination grace and interior design saavy to get it done. Amen. Please everyone pray for me. I am so overwhelmed by house cleaning I cannot express to you how much I hate it and how boring it is. I know that I should grateful and I am, very much so, I just need help, I guess. Thank you for your prayers.

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