110+ Summer Activities for Kids

Never run out of ideas again, this massive list contains 110+ different summer activities for kids! From outside fun, field trip ideas, and even inside activities for rainy days, there is something for everyone on this list! Perfect for summer days, spring break, or even snow days when you are stuck inside!

110+ Summer Kids Activities

110+ Summer Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities

One of the best parts about summer? Spending lots of time outside with the sun shining down, or laying under the stars at night with a crystal clear view. Summer days (& nights!) are meant to be enjoyed.

The problem is we are so excited to kick off summer with lots of trips to the pool or neighborhood park, but then after a few weeks, the boredom of those beloved places takes over.

Planning for an intentional summer is a great investment into your family. Use this summer bucket list to brainstorm and create a list of activities your family would like to complete together as a family over the summer months.

Not anymore! With a list of over 30+ different outdoor summer activities for kids, your family will find new adventures each day!

  1. Walk barefoot in the grass
  2. Roast marshmallows for s’ mores
  3. Plant and water flowers
  4. Plan and plant a vegetable garden
  5. Make and fly a kite
  6. Build an outdoor swing
  7. Run through the sprinklers
  8. Build or buy a Slip’N Slide
  9. Create murals with sidewalk chalk
  10. Swim in a backyard kiddie pool (small sizes for little ones, even bigger ones for big kids!)
  11. Have a picnic lunch outside in the front yard, invite some neighborhood friends to join you
  12. Grill hotdogs and hamburgersSummer Kids Activities
  13. Pick fresh flowers
  14. Make a flower crown
  15. Have an ice cream social with friends and neighbors
  16. Invite friends and neighbors for a cookout
  17. Create your own obstacle course
  18. Learn how to roller skate
  19. Read in a hammock
  20. Fill 100 water balloons
  21. Have a jump rope contest
  22. Play water gun tag
  23. Camp out in the backyard
  24. Catch lightning bugs
  25. Have an outdoor family game night
  26. Play frisbee games
  27. Paint a picture outside
  28. Read books outside on a beach towel
  29. Start a rock collection
  30. Wash the car (volunteer to wash a neighbor’s too!)
  31. Set hula hoop or jump rope records
  32. Play bubble tag or other bubble games
  33. Look up at the clouds and try to make out the different shapes
  34. Bring a telescope out at night to look for constellations
  35. Decorate your bikes or wagons for a 4th of July Parade
  36. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Inside Activities

Some days during the summer, it’s nice to plan some time to just stay at home. Your family might be exhausted from several activities that have kept you busy, maybe it’s over 100 degrees outside and you just need to cool off. Or some days it might just be too rainy to go outside.

No matter what’s the reason for keeping your kids home and inside, there is no need for boredom or whining because they have “Nothing to do!” to ring out.

With 40 different summer activities for kids to keep them busy inside, there is something on this list for everyone!

  1. Make a bird feeder
  2. Build a fort
  3. Make homemade bubbles
  4. Campout in the living room
  5. Play through the Bible & plant seeds of faith in a tangible way for little hearts
  6. Have a picnic lunch inside on a rainy day
  7. Host a sleepover
  8. Make homemade ice cream in an ice cream maker
  9. Make DIY ice cream in a bag
  10. Make playdough
  11. Keep a summer memory journal
  12. Take a photo each day
  13. Create a summer scrapbook
  14. Make homemade popsicles
  15. Make Root Beer Floats
  16. Set a reading goal
  17. Practice new cooking skills
  18. Make Slime
  19. Make no bake cookies (I’m going to try this recipe and substitute sun butter for the peanut butter since we have a nut allergy)
  20. Create a summer themed book basket
  21. Paint rocks
  22. Write a letter to a friend
  23. Mail and make cards to send to grandparents or other relatives (How cute is this stationary set?)
  24. Have a face painting partySummer Kids Activities
  25. Make homemade snow cones
  26. Make fresh lemonade (The key is to have a couple of these juicers for each kid… trust me, they will ALL want to juice a lemon!)
  27. Make fruit kabobs or a colorful fruit salad
  28. Make a paper plate frisbee
  29. Make a family home video
  30. Learn origami, calligraphy, or hand-art lettering
  31. Build new Lego creations with pieces you already have
  32. Learn a magic trick and put on a magic show
  33. Make a care package to send to soldiers
  34. Read books together
  35. Watch a family favorite movie
  36. Bake cookies or a special treat to give to a neighbor
  37. Have a dance party
  38. Play Minute-to-Win-It Games
  39. Put together a puzzle with lots of pieces
  40. Play board or card games

Field Trip Ideas

Some of my fondest memories of summer are going to our cities museums with my mom and brother. We would spend the morning walking through all the different displays, then find a new-to-us park to explore and eat a picnic lunch afterward.

We would also spend hours at our local library, choosing books to read during the summer reading challenge, as well as attending a storytime read aloud by a local children’s book author.

Want to plan a simple and meaningful summer your kids will remember for years to come? Download Your Intentional Summer Pack today. It includes 16 printables to help you plan activities the BEST summer for YOUR family!

No matter where you live, I bet there are so many great attractions to visit and enjoy during the summer months. From free to budget-friendly, or maybe even a splurge to spend the day at a local waterpark, these summer activities for kids will give lots of ideas of different places to visit this summer.

Perhaps your city doesn’t offer everything on this list, there are still lots of great ideas to think outside the box to find maybe 1 field trip a week for the entire summer!

  1. Visit the summer activities at the local library
  2. Enroll in a summer reading program (If your local library doesn’t have one, this is a great list of some national reading programs your kids can join… many give free books!)
  3. Attend a baseball game
  4. Swim at a water park
  5. Go to a movie (This is a great list of cheap kids movie programs many theater chains across the country are hosting)
  6. Attend Vacation Bible School (We go to the VBS our church hosts and also attend a neighborhood church’s VBS as well)
  7. Go to the zoo
  8. Pick berries at the berry patch
  9. Visit new playgrounds and parks (We make a list of local parks that we haven’t been to for a while)
  10. Explore a local children’s museumSummer Kids Activities
  11. Watch fireworks
  12. Plan a bike ride
  13. Swim at the pool
  14. Find a local fair or carnival
  15. Take a nature hike
  16. Find an amusement park
  17. Spend the day at a nearby lake or beach
  18. Shop at the Farmer’s Market
  19. Explore your hometown’s attractions
  20. Take a local train or bus ride
  21. Go to a drive in
  22. Visit the skate park
  23. Feed the ducks
  24. Go on a bike ride
  25. Take a one-day road trip to somewhere nearby
  26. Visit a local farm
  27. Visit the Home Depot Kids Workshops
  28. Go bowling
  29. Visit a community nature center
  30. Tour the fire station
  31. Play miniature golf
  32. Visit a National Park
  33. Make a day trip to local historical attractions
  34. Volunteer at a local shelter or food pantry
  35. Visit an art or history museum
  36. Attend an outdoor Movie-in-the-Park

The Confident Mom

A great place to look for local events is to check the websites of your library system, city hall, chamber of commerce, follow local family bloggers, or your local newspaper/magazine will most likely have a list of upcoming events or summer fun activities.

Summer Kids Activities

What are your favorite summer activities for kids that your family looks forward to every summer?

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Summer Kids Activities

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