Women of the Word Recap {Week 3}

Did you miss the Women of the Word Book Club Meeting yesterday? Not to worry! We recorded the session!

Every week we also are so blessed and encouraged to interact with one another and discuss this book. I know my own Bible reading has become even more meaningful since starting this discussion.

Women of the Word Book Club Study with Purpose
Not sure what the Women of the Word Book Club is? You can click here to learn more about it.

In this Women of the Word Book Club You’ll Hear:

  • The purpose behind Bible study
  • How our personal purpose in studying differs from the Bible’s intended purpose for our study
  • What happens when we look for self-knowledge without God as our reference point
  • Others share what books of the Bible they find most difficult to study
  • Others share what books of the Bible they tend to camp out in, or at least prefer to study
  • How understanding the Big Picture of the Bible has shaped our little moments of study
  • Our best tip for getting started seeing the Big Picture (hint: we reference this book a lot)

Quick Links:

Can’t see the video? Click here to view the replay on YouTube.

We have made the replay available on YouTube because some of you expressed that you did not want to get a Twitter account which is currently the only way you can use Blab.

We will be uploading the replays each week, so subscribing to Leigh Ann’s YouTube channel will ensure you get a notification the minute it’s live. This means you can watch the replay Tuesday night after work or when the kids are in bed instead of waiting until this post goes live. 🙂

What You Need to Know for Next Week:

You can join us live next week, March 29th, on Blab at 3pm EST. We’ve already scheduled the next Blab, so you can subscribe in order to get notified when we go live.

We will be covering Chapter 4, Studying with Perspective, of the book, Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin. Click here to get your copy!

The Discussion Guide

Though simply reading the book is enough, if you want to be able to think through the discussion questions before hand, we are using Crossway’s Study Guide for our discussion guide.

You can download a PDF copy of the discussion questions here.

Catch Up on Past Discussion

If you’re new to the book club, feel free to catch up on all the past discussions here. You can get links to all the past replays, get the schedule for each week, and watch a fun intro video that always makes us laugh.

Click here to catch up on the Women of the Word Book Club.

If you missed us live, feel free to add some of your thoughts in the comments on YouTube or here on the blog. Leigh Ann, Ashley, and I will be interacting in the comments, so feel free to share some of your thoughts!

Did you miss the Women of the Word Book Club Meeting yesterday? Not to worry! We recorded the session!

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