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  1. Thank you for this list of shows. While I don’t want to use the television as a babysitter, there are times I do need to sit my son down long enough for me to do work that he can’t ‘help’ with.

  2. Hi Victoria,
    As a homeschooling family, Katie can’t work with all the kids at once. Some finish before others. Some aren’t old enough to start school yet. We’ve appreciated some videos for the younger kids, and Theo is at the top of our list too. And of course Veggie Tales :).

    1. Isn’t Theo great? I have learned so much from watching it with my kids. I love that we have quality resources like this for our kids to entertain themselves with when we can’t focus on them during certain parts of the day for whatever reason. Thanks stopping by Scott.

  3. Jovis Bon-Hovis is soooo good. My family love it it’s very funny and gives young kids the Bible in a way they enjoy.

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