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  1. Hi….I love the pictures. But I would be cautious about using vinegar and also soaking them. You will ruin the handles and also loosen the glue that holds the bristles in place. Given this cleaning routine you will be replacing your brushes in no time. A better method is to use baby shampoo and swirl them in a glass cup with warm water, then swirl them around in a clean glass of warm water to rinse and then squeeze the excess water out and lay them down on a towel on the edge of the counter so that they can air out without further damaging the bristles. I have tried the glove and also makeup brush cleaners but I have found that old school baby shampoo and warm water works best. This perspective is from a hairstylist/makeup artist. And I have cleaned my fair share of brushes over the years. Hope this helps! V

    1. Thanks for your insight Veronica. Baby shampoo is actually something I don’t buy so I never have it in the house (not a fan of the ingredients). So that’s why I use vinegar and water. I’ve had the same set of brushes for several years that I have stood strong washing them this way, including the bristles, so I’m not too concerned with them not lasting. I should have also added that I only use a mineral powders and a bit of mascara in my make up routine, so they don’t have a whole lot of product on them. 🙂

  2. It’s funny that you posted this – I actually cleaned mine yesterday because I looked at them over the weekend and couldn’t remember the last time I’d done it. I use a bowl of hot water and a squirt of baby shampoo. Works like a charm!

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