Luke 2:11-14 {Bible to Brain to Heart Scripture Memory Challenge}

Bible to brain to heart

Last month I failed to post a memory verse but since I was still focusing on thankfulness, October’s memory verse still seemed appropriate. Now that we are full swing into the Christmas season, I wanted this month’s memory verse to help set my mind and heart on the birth of our savior.

Today I’m pleased to announce the passage of Scripture that I (and hopefully you too!) will be focusing on this month. This month’s Bible to Brain to Heart memory verse is going to be Luke 2: 11-14 ESV version.

Luke 211-14

As I spend time helping my children understand the true meaning of Christmas through various Advent activities, I also want to quiet and focus my heart on the miracle of the Gospel. Obviously it would be incredibly unrealistic to memorize the entire Gospel in this season of my life, but I can commit to memorize a few verses where the angels proclaim the birth of Jesus!

To help me memorize it I created a pretty printable to carry with me and place in a prominent location where I will be able to see it often. Last fall when I was working on studying Ephesian 1, I was introduced to the concept of using the first letter of each word as a memory prompt and aid, so I also created a Luke 2:11-14  first letters card.

In the download below you will have 2 memory verse cards plus 2 first letters card.

Luke 2 11-14 screenshot

 {To download your memory cards and first letters card, click here}

The Bible to Brain to Heart scripture memory challenge is more than just memorizing scripture but also to reflect on it’s meaning and what God is saying through His words. So here is my plan for taking my memory verse from Bible to Brain to Heart using the S.O.A.P method:

  • Scripture: I’ll spend the next few weeks reviewing the entire book of Luke, especially chapter 2.
  • Observations: Using my journal I’ll record any observations, a summary, or what God is speaking through me while reading
  • Application: How does this scripture apply to my life?
  • Prayer: Again using my journal I’ll record my prayers. Prayers for God to reveal His message to me through this scripture. Prayers for an understanding

Please don’t feel that in order for you to memorize Luke 2:11-14 with me this month that you have to do the same thing that I am doing. I’m simply sharing my plan to help make God’s word more meaningful to me in my life.

So are you joining in with me this month on the first Bible to Brain to Heart Challenge? Please let me know!

If you don’t already have a memory verse challenge that you are participating in, I’d love for you to join in with me on memorizing Luke 2:11-14 this month. If you are joining in, I’d love for you to share with others on Facebook, tweeting about the challenge on Twitter using the hashtag  #BibleBrainHeart or pinning the graphic above on Pinterest.

Let’s let the Word of God permeate our hearts and minds!

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  1. This is the perfect memory verse for December, Victoria! Thank you so much.

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