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  1. Happy Birthday! A great list of books. As a former 4th grade teacher, you are spot on with the children books you listed. I have read many of the books on your list, but I also expanded my ‘to read’ list based on your suggestions. Have a great day!

  2. I love book lists! I keep a folder of book lists and a list of the books I have read from them! lol. Can’t wait to add some of your recommendations to my “Have Read” list.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list of favorite books! I love books, as well, and collected a few titles from your list. Happy 33rd Birthday!!

  4. You have some of my all-time favorites on this list! I too was a Little House and Beverly Cleary fan as a child, and I agree that the Love Comes Softly series is WAY better than the movies! Thanks for some great recommendations, I’m going to have to add a few of these to my to-read list!

  5. The secret garden is at the top of my list. There is a story that goes with it. Way back in fourth grade language arts, the was a lesson on how to write a book report. The book used was the Secret Garden. I went about my life never running across that book nor remembering the title, but thought about it remembering what that page looked like in my text book. Now in 11th grade, I asked the English teacher for some recommendations. Guess what book he pulled out, the Secret Garden. I was so excited! Read it, loved and have multiple copies.

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