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  1. I needed this today! I’m on spring break and working to clean and declutter, and I always save my fridge for last (I think in the hopes I’ll run out of time and not have to do it. Not a great plan!).

  2. This was super helpful! I really love that you took the time to write out how it should be in the fridge! I can’t wait to try out these ides!

  3. There are so many great tips in this article, but the saran wrap press and seal liners are GAMECHANGING! OMgoodness, why haven’t I thought of that before! THANK YOU!

  4. This is such useful information. I always hate cleaning my refrigerator, but I always feel better after I do. I am definitely going to use this guide the next time I do it.

  5. I have been doing really well purging the items from the fridge, but not nearly enough to actually clean the fridge & freezer. Thank you for the tips!

  6. I really need to do this! Once I clean it I also need to line the shelves, that would help with clean up so much.

  7. Love the press n seal tip. That is such a good idea. I hate cleaning my fridge, and that would certainly make it easier.

  8. Great tips! Will be sure to use a couple of these when I start my deep kitchen cleaning this weekend. It will be my first time to try not using any chemical cleaning agents. I hope vinegar and baking soda does a good job! I’m so happy I ditched toxic cleaners a while ago. I mostly use soapnuts, vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. Great roundup of DIY cleaners! I love making my own cleaners and other household products using basic ingredients I can find in my pantry and some of my favorite essential oils.

  9. Hello Victoria,
    This is really good ideas! I will apply right away all the steps to refrigerator to make it clean. Should I use for freezer as well?

    1. I’d do a clean out of your freezer so you can inventory it as well as defrost any ice and give it a wipe down. It also helps to organize your freezer contents so you know what you have and where to find it. Good luck!

  10. Hi

    Great share,,,

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