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  1. I completely get it! I used to make my own cleaning supplies. I was making laundry detergent, cleaning solutions, glass cleaner, hair gel, mop solution, making things from scratch, baking my own breads (including hamburger buns) etc. I was about to dive into making my own soap. But things got hectic, I was frazzled, and I was exhausted. I am a hypothyroid adrenal fatigued blogging (my blogging has been suffering as well) homeschooling mom of a 4 year old and 8 year old. Plus my hubby is going to college and working 40 hours a week. I just don’t have as much time I did and I also needed to simplify. I was trying to be wonder woman and I’m not. I was stressed and falling behind very quickly. Something had to give and it was giving up some of my homemade stuff. I haven’t completely converted to buying everything. I still make my own toilet bowl cleaner, mix my Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner (water + all purpose solution lol), and mix my solution for my Ready Mop, but all of these are pretty simple. While I was proud to make my own stuff, loved how I controlled the ingredients and maybe someday will return to it, I just needed some pressure taken off and some down time. So I’m here to say don’t feel bad! Your not the only one! Life happens and things change.While I have given up most of my DIY non toxic cleaning supplies, I still want natural non toxic products. I generally order from Vitacost or Amazon, I’ve never heard of epantry but I’m going to check it out! Oh by the way, I also blogged about making my own cleaning stuff as well lol.

  2. You should try e-cloth. Very similar to Norwex but half the price or less and free shipping. I don’t use glass cleaner and rarely even use multipurpose cleaner anymore, just e-cloths and water. And I love theie mop and dustmop.

  3. First, bless your heart. I am a baby boomer grandmother- your zest & dedication is very appealing. You are so doing the correct thing – remember to stop, turn around,assess, & ask yourself–“what’s the point?”
    Sounds like you have done just that. I am validating your decision.
    Hope your blog inspires other mothers.

  4. I know this is a practically ancient post, lol, but I just wanted to let you know that I decided to give Grove Collective a try. I can’t wait to get my shipment next week and see how I like the products!

    1. Yea! That is so fun, I hope you enjoy GC. I always look forward to my monthly shipment, even though I know what’s in it! Who knew getting cleaning and home products in the mail could be so fun? LOL ?

  5. Such a great post! My intentions can also get in the way of creating and keeping the calm and balance in my life. It IS ok to wave the white flag sometimes. It doesn’t mean we don’t care, but we have to have to weigh the pros and cons of our intentions sometimes to keep our sanity.

  6. I have never really made my own cleaners, but I have made foaming hand soap with essential oils. 🙂 I pretty much stick to Thieves household cleaner all-purpose cleaner and Norwex bathroom cleaner and microfiber cloths. My one unnatural product is Clorox toilet wands, but I love that they go in the trash after cleaning, and they clean so well! It really is important to evaluate time and money when making decisions about purchases. I have made changes in some of the products I use recently just based on the costs of things. $$$

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