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  1. When I was a young girl I thought, I’d NEVER submit to a man, I’m his equal, I have my rights, my opinions…yah dah yah dah. But it wasn’t until I met my future and current husband did I begin to understand what submission was. Until then I had never met a man that I loved and admired, who loved and admired me, a man who was concerned about me and cared for me. The love we share is Christ-centered. I still share my opinions, I still have my rights, I am his equal and he values my thoughts and concerns, we are partners. When we are making a decision we talk about his concerns, my concerns and the needs of others involved; we discuss the pros and cons. After all we’ve shared, if at the end he truly believes a certain thing should be as he thinks then I trust him. These are the keywords…I TRUST him. I trust him to do the best for us because he loves me and I love him. This is how I submit to my husband willingly and lovingly.

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