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  1. Any chance that Emily Ley is offering discounts for their planners to your blog subscribers? these look like great planners no matter which you chose.

    1. Unfortunately no discounts but if you sign up for her newsletter or follow her on Instagram, periodically through the year she has sales or discounts.

  2. hi there! i just recently bought Emily Ley’s weekly simplified planner. this may be silly, but I’m confused as to what to do after December 2017 when ill need another planner. the next weekly planner, i presume, won’t begin until the following august. Do I switch to the daily which starts in January? Or, do I buy the next simplified planner (2017-2018) and just start every august and disregard the extra months? Does that make sense?

    1. Hi Lauren,

      I believe that Emily Ley launches 2 planners at two different times a year. The Academic Calendar (which is on sale now), and a traditional calendar, which runs January through December (which goes on sale in September). Both calendars come in a daily or weekly format so you could buy the weekly edition beginning in January 2018 after your calendar ends in December 2017. I hope this makes sense, but if you are still unsure definetly email the customer service at Emily Ley’s shop. They are super helpful and can guide you to make the best planner decision.

    2. Hello!! I am interested in buying the weekly planner from Emily, but I would like to see a video on it with writing and to see what the entire planner looks like. Ive always had a Lilly Pulitzer planner, so I really want to be able to compare the two. Would you be able to make a video review?

      1. Oh and can you do a size comparing with other planners or books? Just so I can get a rough idea of if the size is what I am looking for

  3. Great post! I’m also making the switch to the weekly planner now that my deadlines are longer-term. I’m planning to use it alongside a notebook for occasional nitty gritty daily planning for busy days, meeting notes etc. (And speaking of notes, I LOVE the addition of so many notes pages on the Emily Ley weekly)

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