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  1. Great ideas here. Thanks for creating a blank one too. Some of your chores do line up with ours, but we have a few that differ so the blank one will work well. 🙂

  2. Thank you for putting this together. Do you allow a certain time to get chores done? Daily, weekly, monthly…. next can be quarterly and yearly. How do you manage you time with chores so you still have some kind of balanced life. 😉

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  4. Weekly Cleaning Checlist idea is wonderful to keep check on the chores .It aslo helps in deep cleaning plus keeping things orderly.

  5. THANK YOU!! I just found this on Pinterest and this is exactly what I need. My husband works a retail schedule so his days off vary from week to week. I really can’t do a set Mon- Fri schedule and reserve family days unless I want to skip chores or re-work the schedule to catch up. This is a great way to make sure everything gets done and not be bound to a schedule.

  6. I have been on a cleaning spree lately. I just want my house perfect and this definitely helps! I also love that I am not the only that slips it into a plastic protector for use with a dry erase marker! I do that will my grocery list , bill planning, daily planning..just about everything! Save paper and stay organized! 🙂

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