A Genius Simple Cleaning Checklist that will Make You Feel Like Supermom

Save time and your sanity by using this GENIUS simple cleaning checklist daily to clean house from top to bottom in a few minutes every single day… you’ll feel like supermom! No more deep cleaning days!

Motivated Mom Cleaning Checklist

Oh, the dreaded chore list! It’s no secret that I have an aversion to cleaning, in fact, some might even say I’m emotionally allergic

In all seriousness, cleaning is not something I enjoy doing. I wasn’t made from that cloth, perhaps some of you are and really enjoy giving your house a good old fashioned deep clean from top to bottom. Good for you if you are one of those folks, I envy you. 😉

For the rest of us, this post is for you!

How I save time and my sanity by using a simple checklist to clean my house from top to bottom in a few minutes every single day. No more deep cleaning days!

You would think someone who runs a blog called Creative Home Keeper wouldn’t be making this statement but because I try to be completely transparent, cleaning is not on my list of favorite things to do.

It’s not even on any list… OK maybe the list of things I try to avoid 😂

Here’s the honest truth though…. just because I don’t enjoy doing it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to. It’s just one of the responsibilities I have when it comes to managing the home front.

On the Hunt for a Simple & Easy Cleaning Checklist

Over the years I’ve used and adapted several cleaning checklists and schedules to help me keep on top of our home.

When I worked full time, Saturdays were my cleaning days (and we lived in a tiny house so it only took less than an hour… see there are bonuses to living in small houses!).

As I have become a mother and increased the number of children, so has my cleaning schedule changed.

What worked when I had one child to care for didn’t work when I had my second… and boy did everything get turned over when my third was born and 5 years later, I’m still struggling! 😜

If you are a mom with little ones running around, you already know how hard it is to keep up with the cleaning. It seems like anytime I mop the floor, a cup of milk spills, or when I scrub the toilets, my child who I thought was potty trained, misses the mark.

Can I get an amen?

Not to mention the fact that trying to find the time to actually clean the house from top to bottom in one session is almost impossible.

So what’s a mama to do?

Enter the cleaning checklist that has rocked my world… the Motivated Moms Checklist.

The Cleaning Checklist That Saves Me Time & My Sanity!

I need a cleaning system that breaks down the cleaning tasks into small bite-sized chunks that I can do every day.

Scheduled cleaning days are not an option in this season instead, I needed to do a little bit of cleaning every day to keep the house in order.

And by a little bit, I mean cleaning tasks that naturally flow into my day and don’t take a whole lot of time.


I had heard about the Motivated Moms Checklist for years but never took the bait.

I had tried what I thought was a similar checklist and it left me feeling defeated and overwhelmed. Much as I didn’t like the idea of cleaning, I didn’t like the idea of someone else telling me when I should clean.

But the Motivated Moms Checklist is different.

It’s graceful, flexible, and manageable.

It’s set up to include daily tasks, such as laundry, run and empty the dishwasher, clean the kitchen counters, and other small tasks to help keep the main areas cleaned and clutter-free.

Along with the tasks that get completed every day, there are also rotating weekly and annual cleaning jobs to do.

What I love about this cleaning checklist is that it also encourages family members to pitch in!

My kids are currently ages 5 to 9 so we have a range of simple chores such as putting their clothes in the hamper, making their beds, putting their plates in the sink, and helping me with other various tasks around the home.

Just as much as I love to cross things off of my own list, my kids LOVE to cross items off their daily dry erase responsibility mats that hang on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Every week, I write a few dedicated chores for them along with their daily tasks, and as the week goes on, they check them off.

After years of being in the baby and toddler phase, I finally have kids old enough to really help out around the house and it is FABULOUS!!!

How I save time and my sanity by using a simple checklist to clean my house from top to bottom in a few minutes every single day. No more deep cleaning days!

How Do I Use My Motivated Moms Checklist? 

Since I’ve shared why I love this cleaning system so much, it seems only fitting I give you the play-by-play of how I actually go about using this checklist into my daily routine.

Motivated Moms Cleaning Checklis

The Beginning of Each Month

At the start of each month, I log into the Motivated Moms Download Library and pick the version of the planner I want to print out.

For only $12 a year, you get access to 24 different printable cleaning checklists!

BONUS… use coupon code CLEAN3 at checkout to save $3 off of your first year of membership!

I prefer the half-sized weekly in black and white without the Bible reading plan since I follow my own. I print it front to back so I have the entire month’s cleaning schedule on 2 pages that I fold up and place in my planner.

Once I print it off, I go ahead and cross off the few items that are not applicable to me such as feed the pets, etc.

Motivated Moms Cleaning Checklist

My cleaning checklist sits on my counter along with my Simplified Planner and open Bible. These are what save my sanity and help get me through my day. 

The Beginning of Each Week

On Sunday afternoons, I sit down to prepare for the week ahead by filling out my planner, meal planning, grocery ordering, and assigning chores to my kids on their daily responsibility mats.

This hour of Sunday prep time is so crucial because it sets my week up for success!

The Daily Routine

First things first, my days start with a good solid morning routine.

After I spend time reading my Bible  (quiet time and suggested Bible reading selections are part of the checklist if you choose), exercising and showering and dressing for the day, I head to the kitchen where I begin the breakfast prep.

After everyone has eaten and the dishes are cleared (one area of the checklist is marked off), I help get the kids dressed and ready for school.

They also have a morning routine such as making their beds, bringing their dirty clothes hamper downstairs, and helping tidy up their rooms before they head off to school.

Depending on the day and what activities we have scheduled, I am one of those people who needs to eat the frog first and by that, I mean that if I don’t do the bulk of my daily checklist in the morning, it won’t get done. 😉

Motivated Moms Cleaning Checklist

Most of the tasks are things I have already been doing naturally during my morning routine like:

–> make the bed, gather the laundry and throwing in a load, wipe down the bathroom sinks after everyone has brushed teeth and gotten ready for the day, clear the kitchen counters, and other similar tasks.

It’s pretty gratifying to check a few tasks off the list without even trying!

That’s the beauty of the Motivated Moms Checklist…. the tasks naturally fit into your routine and you develop the habit of tidying up without even making any effort! 

Usually, by mid-morning, most of the daily cleaning tasks are accomplished for the day with the exception of meal preps and cleanups and end-of-the-day chores which include cleaning the kitchen and prepping for the day ahead.

As I move through the day, I get the added benefit of feeling productive by crossing things off the list and you all know how good that feels!

If something doesn’t get accomplished during the week, I catch up on Saturday which typically doesn’t have many tasks assigned to it, which is another added benefit to this system!

A Simple Habit Has Formed

I’m in my 5th year of using the Motivated Moms Checklist and it has helped me to keep the home relatively clean in such a few short minutes each day.

In fact, I probably spend less than 15 minutes on the daily chores with the help of the whole family pitching in!

Now instead of looking at all that I have to clean and feeling overwhelmed before I start, I have an easy plan at the start of the week to help guide me through the majority of the homemaking tasks that need to get done.

Also, along with daily routines, there are also annual cleaning tasks mixed in such as reminders to change the a/c filters, clean the patio furniture, and various decluttering projects throughout the year.

With the help of the Motivated Moms Checklist, homemaking tasks have naturally become a part of my days with very little effort on my part.

Another great thing about Motivated Moms Checklist is the weekly and deep cleaning tasks are evenly spread out through the week. You never have a heavy cleaning day!

Motivated Moms Cleaning Checklist

I keep my monthly 2-sided cleaning checklist folded and tucked into my Simplified planner which hangs out on my kitchen counter for most of the day. 

Ready to try Motivated Moms for Yourself? 

Here’s the best news for you, the Motivated Moms Checklist is available for only $12 per year!!!!

I’m not really good at numbers but a system that helps keep me and my home on track for only $1/month is pretty A M A Z I N G 🙌🏻

With your yearly membership, you get access to:

  • ALL downloads in the Membership library to download and print as you need (you can see some of the samples here)
  • The Motivated Moms App (which is coming back soon)
  • A private Facebook group if you like the benefit of community and accountability

Learn More About Motivated Moms Cleaning Checklist Here

BONUS… use coupon code creativehomekeeper at checkout to save making the Motivated Moms checklist only $9 for the year!


I was super hesitant at first to pay for a cleaning checklist, especially with my experience using a different one, but I can honestly say using the Motivated Moms Checklist the past few years has…

  • totally saved my sanity
  • helped me stay on top of the cleaning
  • and has helped me to create a new routine as we grew to a family of five.

Motivated Moms Cleaning Checklist

Even More Benefits of Using the MM✔️

🎉Cleaning tasks that I would have never remembered to do have been accomplished.

💡Getting back into a predictable morning, afternoon, and evening routine has also been accomplished.

I’m not even lying when I say that the Motivated Moms Checklist really has changed my life (yes it sounds super dramatic but it’s so true!)

Motivated Moms Cleaning Checklist

If one of your goals this year is to create small routines to help you get back on top of the cleaning and get your house in order, I HIGHLY recommend the Motivated Moms Checklist.

For only $12 per year, you can invest in a cleaning system that will not only save you time but also your sanity for the price of two Starbucks lattes!

BONUS… use coupon code creativehomekeeper at checkout to save making the Motivated Moms checklist only $9 for the year!

Check it out HERE and be sure to enter coupon code creativehomekeeper (all lowercase and no spaces) at checkout bringing the price down to only $9.

Trust me, it’s worth the price!

Motivated Mom Cleaning Checklist

Have you tried the Motivated Moms Checklist? Share your thoughts below, maybe your experience can help seal the deal for another Mama who is on the fence. 

Updated from the archives, originally posted December 2015

Disclosure: Motivated Moms did not pay me to write this post. I purchased the yearly membership on my own and really love it. I am an affiliate of Motivated Moms meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and make a purchase, I received a small commission. Regardless, I only share and promote products and resources I both love and have personally invested in myself. 

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  1. Hi! I was curious about something. I’m a work outside the home mom with three little ones. Is the checklist designed with stay at home or work at home moms in mind? Is there a variation for those of us who are gone from the home for many hours a day?

    1. Hi Sarah I know on the app version you can customize it to your preferences, obviously the ebook printed version you couldn’t other than just crossing off or ignoring the tasks you couldn’t accomplish.

      I know the list was created for all moms in mind, both stay at home moms and those who work out of the home, so I’m confident you could make it work for you and your schedule. I think on their website they have a sample for you to see specifically what an average day would look like. I hope this helps and answers your questions!

  2. Thanks for your sharing. Do you have the checklist preview page? so we will know a bit about what is inside 🙂

  3. If you have consciously tried to clean your house and keep it up and failed, it may be time for some help. If your health keeps you from keeping a clean house, you may need outside help. If you are busy with a job outside the home and raising a family, a cleaning lady might be the way to go. Finances are a definite consideration when deciding on getting help cleaning the house. I always thought having a cleaning lady was a luxury. But after fibromyalgia hit, I definitely started looking at it as a necessity. Still, I was concerned about the cost. There are many services for cleaning house and there are many private cleaning ladies. All have different prices and you may be surprised how much help can come from just a couple of hours a week.

    Cheers then.

  4. It says the app is not available. When will it be available?

  5. Fullerton carpet says:

    I love the idea of a cleaning checklist. It really makes cleaning your house way less overwhelming.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  6. I was curious about your children’s responsibilities mats. Are they whiteboards or…? My oldest will be 7 this year. We have a morning and evening routine but I would love to be more intentional about their responsibilities. Thanks!

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