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  1. Love these ideas!! I am a morning shower kinda gal too, and I feel so much better if I’m put together… It’s easy to stay in comfy clothes, but I usually want to stay comfy instead of productive when I do… Anyway – Thanks for sharing at the Pinterest Power Party!


    1. Those comfy clothes are so easy to stay in, especially during the winter months. I do try and make myself a deal, every once in a while we all stay in our PJs for the entire morning and just cuddle on the couch. Those days are special too!

  2. It sounds like you have a good idea of a routine that works for you! I am still working on figuring this out, but I want to be able to accomplish some reading and quiet time as well as a little straightening up in the morning. I am not much of a morning person so the heavier clean-up tasks tend to happen later in the day for me.

  3. Great ways to accomplish a lot in the morning! I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and work part-time, so I’m brainstorming about what household chores to do and when, so that I don’t aggravate my condition. Thanks for sharing your routine with us!

  4. I think I might add making sure I have everything for dinner to my morning routine. This is such a great idea and will save a whole lot of hassle in the afternoon rush.

    1. This is only through lots of personal experience and tears (OK maybe not tears :)) of frantically running around because I only realized right at dinner time that I didn’t have many ingredients ready to go. But it definitely has helped making sure that I have everything I need ready to go when I start making dinner.

    1. Creating a routine has really helped me accomplish a lot more during my day and be really intentional with my kids. I still don’t always follow this perfectly, but when I do I definitely reap the rewards 🙂

  5. Over the last few years I’ve really learned the value of having a routine. It really does help to make sure you get everything done you need to get done before really getting the day going!

  6. I also like your idea of making sure you have things for supper. Nothing like getting ready to make it and to realize that you don’t have one thing. Not worth a trip to town for, but now you have to make something else. Not cool!

    1. I finally got smart of adding it to my morning routine after several afternoons of frustration when I realized that I didn’t have what I needed or forgot to marinate something. A few minutes in the morning really saves a headache in the afternoon!

  7. Visiting from Ladies Only Blog Share. I love your tips about what you do around the house every day. I have a completely different schedule – older children and I work full time outside my home – but I’m going to think about ways I can incorporate your ideas into my morning and evening routines.

  8. Great ideas Victoria! As long as you have a plan (even if you don’t stick to it perfectly) life will just go better!
    My 6 children are all married. We had 4 children under 5 at o time! Life was crazy but I did occomplish a lot because I had a plan–similar to yours actually. I really does work.
    When our 6 children were small we only had one bathroom–that was fun. My shower time was at 10 PM when kiddies were sleeping. I jumped out of bed and got dressed before leaving my bedroom. I have very short hair so it worked!
    You are doing good things Victoria–keep it up!

  9. Great ideas..really organized…:)

    Thanks for sharing. Your blog is lovely and I so enjoyed clicking around. I found you at Fellowship Fri…

    Be well and God bless!

  10. I would love to have a routine. But now that I’m retired there is no hope! I have been known to run out the door leaving dishes on the table because I’ve had a sudden idea or someone called. Fortunately I shower at night! Love your daily routine! I’m truly jealous…one, only one of my four have a morning routine. She is the most organized person I know.

  11. Great way to get your day started off right. Have a daily routine helps get my focus right where it needs to be, and helps everyone know what comes next. Thanks for listing it all out for us!

  12. I love this series, Victoria! I just read the first one before this one and realized that we have a lot of the same morning routine tasks! I also get up at 5 am and read my Bible, and I like to do a quick clean of the apartment early in the day too. I don’t have kids yet, but you give me hope that I’ll be able to keep somewhat of a routine when I do have them. 🙂

    1. It definitely took some work tweaking my routine to find something that would work now that I have kids, but it has been so beneficial to me. I also really enjoy rising early and praying, I’m much less of a grumpy mom when I have a chance to get up and meet with Him before the chaos begins! 🙂

  13. Your mornings sound busy much like my own. Having a routine can make such a difference in every day life. Sometimes I can get through my morning tasks on autopilot considering that I do the same things day in and day out.

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  15. I so need to add your 6 to my morning. We just started a new family schedule as my 6 precious ones and this momma can use one.

    Thanks bunches for splashing me today. I so enjoy when you link up with momma notes. Each Monday (thanks for the patience as we added 2 new princesses to our home) I start the chorus. Drop by any day of the week to add your notes. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

    Happy day,

  16. Well, now that we have an empty nest, life is a lot different. Plus my dh is self employed now, so we might sit around and chat after breakfast or both start to work. Me on the house and blog, him outside in the shop.

  17. Wow, you do more after breakfast every day than I do in an entire week. I really need to start some sort or routine but realizing how many things I’m not doing right now makes it overwhelming to think about.

    1. To be honest, there are many days that I don’t get everything done, but I like to have goals in places of tasks to do. The best advice that I have received is to start with maybe only 2 small goals and master those before building anything new.

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