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  1. I’m following along with you. I hate cleaning myself and luckily I have older kids who help out. I love tip #4. I always do, quite a bit actually. 🙂

  2. I just printed out one of your daily docket’s!! Thank so much for these, hopefully it will help to get me into a routine!

  3. Great books and tips. I’ve definitely found these tips have helped in my life to create a routine too. Always a good reminder.  I’d  love to have you link this to Titus 2 Tuesday this week on Cornerstone Confessions.. I hope to see you there. 

  4. I love this! Especially the I’m emotionally allergic to cleaning! I’m totally using that. It’s the truth I swear! If it’s not working it’s not working so you need to find something that does. Great sound advice. Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  5. I’m the same way! I used to have a girl that came and cleaned twice a week, but since we had to move, that’s not something we can afford anymore. I have a chart for housecleaning that I created – it lists things out by how often they need to be done – daily, weekly, monthly, 6 months and assigns them a day – the whole idea is to keep from having too much to do on any one day.

    Yeah, I rarely get any of it done when I’m supposed to! It’s all I can do to cook and keep the kitchen/bathroom/living room acceptable, much less get to scrubbing floors!

    1. Ha! I agree that some days things just don’t get done. I’m slowly learning to be OK with that. That’s a great tip about having chores listed out that don’t need to be done weekly, but rather monthly or annually.

  6. Hi there,
    I really like your daily docket! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve downloaded both versions. I’m trying to make adjustments to the customizable daily docket; however, I can’t seem to get this to work. Any advice?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, glad you like the dockets. Unfortunately they aren’t able to be modified by computer. The blank version is meant for you to right in your routines. I hope that answers your question.

  7. Delegate, delegate, delegate! There are chores I don’t do any longer because they are delegated out to someone else. I clean the areas that I can, that don’t bother me physically, and someone else does the rest.

  8. Hi! I am loving your posts! They are a great help and inspiration! I have tried to download the daily docket but the link isn’t working. Is there another place where I can download it?

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