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  1. I recently became a stay-at-home mom and am still trying to find my chore routine. I do like keeping it flexible so the kids and I can do fun things during the day that just come up. This is a very helpful post. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your day!

  2. That looks like a really great and flexible routine. I had a good routine for the first few months of the year but alas, that has fallen to the wayside 🙂 I like this and maybe I will check out the series on money saving mom.

  3. Oh I am with you there on the kids… I just have one, but still trying to find that balance! Now I am a stay at home mom (I was working 2 days a week) so adjusting to that and trying to find time to run my blog, plus the house and spend time with my daughter seems like a daunting task! Thanks for your tips.. on to read day 2 now! 😛


    1. So glad you are now able to stay home with your daughter! It definitely takes some time to get into a routine that works, but with kids I always find that just as soon as we have an established routine, they are already transitioning into a new stage too! 🙂

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