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  1. I’m a routine person, too…unfortunately I was laid off about a month ago and I have yet to figure out a new routine…well, at least one where I’m actually productive!!!! 🙂

    – Brooke –

  2. I need to get back into routines and writing down what I need to accomplish regularly is helpful. I agree that a routine is much easier than a schedule. I am blessed with 4 older children that sweep, mop, do dishes and bathrooms. I need to start doing a load of laundry a day again and doing one “big” thing a week. Big thing = make monthly meal plan, clean tubs, cut limbs, freezer cook, organize my … again (sigh), change all the sheets, talk to insurance company or doctor’s office, etc. I fear writing stuff down, because it seems so set in stone, but it is so much better than relying on my memory. Tomorrow… a load of laundry.

    1. Just aim for that one load of laundry and you will be on your way, don’t be too hard on yourself. A year ago I was a complete mess with a newborn and a toddler so different seasons bring different challenges but take heart, you can do it! And an added bonus is that you have 4 “helpers” 🙂

  3. This really does help me re-frame my days. I too have 2 toddlers and it feels like so many of our days are just ‘survival’, and while I do a great job at playing with them and taking care of them, I wish I was better at taking care of our home so that my husband doesn’t have to help with that as much. Appreciate hearing what you do; gives me something to work towards!

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