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  1. Fabulous post. We make a point to put our phones in our bedroom for a couple of hours in the afternoon/evening when the kids around. It’s so easy to get distracted and miss out on what is really important.

  2. I am so guilty and have taken steps to do better. I have an app that prevents alerts from coming through and set times of the day. I need to be more present everyday that passes with my lil diva’s is one I will never get again. I will check out your resources and keeps your tips in mind.

    1. That is such a great idea. You just reminded me I had an app set up on my previous lap top that timed out of certain websites after a period of time I need to set that up again!

  3. oh yes – that IPod – a great thing – but like you said, we need to be present more often

  4. Oh my, I can relate. I am forever reminding myself to be present in the moment. My kids are older, and I still find myself needing to put down my phone and look at them. Thank you for this post! Such excellent reminders!

    1. You’re welcome Julie, it’s a battle I’m fighting every day but I desire to be present and not miss my life from behind a screen.

  5. This is great – it is important to realize where the issues stem from and then take steps towards fixing it. I have no technology hours each day and it is great.

  6. I love this post! I was just saying to myself the other day that I need to put my phone away more and be present with my toddler. I don’t want him to resent my phone. Thank you for sharing your heart here so that my own heart can be convicted and see a need for positive change in my life!

  7. It is so easy to look for distractions in our handheld devices. I’ve been guilty of it, along with every parent I know. Thank you for posting this. I actively try to save my distracted browsing for times when I’m alone so that I can give my girls my undivided attention.

    1. Starr it is just an epidemic these days, I was talking with my own mother about it and she told me she is so thankful technology wasn’t a part of her life when she was a young mom back in the day! 🙂

  8. Great article… in this day and age it is so tough to pry ourselves away from technology, but it is so important to do so!

  9. This is so what I needed to read. What a simple decision – yet a powerful one that alters the course of our days. Being present is a challenge, but I feel like it builds off of itself. The more we decide to do it, the more we want it, and the distractedness (if that’s a word!!) begins to look less appealing, because we know what it’s like to reap the fruit of being in the moment with the things the Lord has called us to. Thank you so much! I will work on this area. & Thank you for sharing what is on your heart…the Lord is using you to make an impact for sure!!! -xx Anna

    1. Thanks so much for sharing such great wisdom Anna! I know I am always so refreshed when I unplug for a while, it’s crazy how much we have let technology dictate our lives recently!

  10. I put my phone on silent a lot too. I homeschool and sometimes I just want to spend time with them without the distraction. Good job mom!

  11. I’m working hard to be more present in the every day. I know my babies will grow up way too fast and I don’t want to miss it. I am trying to limit my social media to certain times of the day. It’s hard, but my family is worth it!

  12. I love this post. As most women do, I also multi-task. Children need our undivided attention to know they’re more important than our phones or anything else that occupies our time. We need to do away with the constant distractions and focus on what is really important. Thanks for you insight into this.

  13. Excellent tips! I need to get better at staying fully present–especially when my kiddos are around. Thanks for this!

  14. I have deliberately refrained from replacing my ancient (getting on to 10 years old) flip phone. I am fortunate in not feeling any need to check it and receive few texts and even fewer calls. I have to be careful, though, with the amount of time I spend on the computer. Often I’m researching resources for our homeschool, but it’s still a temptation to spend too long there. I sometimes resort to a kitchen timer, letting my children see me have the same limitation we place on them with electronic devices. My biggest distraction is doing ‘stuff’, fluffing around and not focussing on one thing to completion but spreading myself too thin. I’m trying to be more intentional, having set times for certain tasks. It’s starting to make a difference as my children know I’m there for them for an extended time once I’ve completed my current task.

  15. Exactly right. I didn’t realize what an electronic-device junkie I had become by simply looking for “safe” recipes for my new (healing) diet. Thankfully, my husband had the courage to broach the subject. I still have room to improve, but am doing better. It helps me, too, not to use the convenience of e-Bibles for devotions, but to sit down with God’s paper and ink Word. Holding the paper and ink version reinforces the specialness of it being GOD’S Word, and that helps me be real/sincere with the Lord. Thanks for this post!

    1. You’re welcome Annie. Last year when I was stuck under a nursing baby for most of the day, my Bible reading app was a lifesaver but now that I am in a new season I have deleted it because I so missed being in the Word, journaling and making other notes. I’m thankful for technology and it is super helpful, like looking up recipes! 😉 but it can also be so distracting too. Thanks for sharing!

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