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  1. I actually like cleaning the house and laundry. It’s cooking that I have a poor attitude towards. I suppose having to cook around allergy requirements make it worse coz I’m limited by what I can and cannot use. What I need to work on – prayer!!! That God has provided enough food to cook and eat!

    1. Cooking with allergy restrictions is so hard! I have had to recently go dairy and gluten free and my husband is allergic to nuts and eggs… so cooking has become quite the challenge for us too! But I love your attitude of praying and offer gratitude for the blessings God has provided 🙂 Thanks for sharing Serene!

    2. Haha, same here! I don’t mind laundry at all for instance but I hate cooking because it requires so much time and planning (and I teach piano in some evenings so I don’t like cooking on days I work.)

  2. One thing that has helped for me is listening to books as I clean.Sometimes inspiring books, sometimes just something fun. I actually look forward to having time to do something I normally don’t have much time for.

  3. My kids are old enough to clean their own rooms and do their own washing (that is the idea anyway;)). But the rest of what I clean, I pray. In the sitting room I pray for the people who may enter the house, that it would be a haven for them, tv-room that what we watch would be pleasing to the Lord, in the bathroom I thank Him for the gift of having enough water in the house to take a bath or shower – there are so many people who still have to go outside to use the bathroom.

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