4 Tips to Learning to be OK with a Clean{ish} Home

4 Tips to Learning to be OK with a Clean{ish} / 4 simple, must read tips to help you come to a place of being OK with a house that may be clean and picked up it’s just not sterile, which is what I like to call Clean{ish}Home

Let’s be real here, cleaning is not something that is fun for most people. I’ve shared my stance on the subject before. The truth is that our homes will become messy and we will have to clean them over and over again. We have a lot of living that happens here resulting in sticky floors, dusty shelves, and piles of laundry.

If you’re like me then you are probably ready to throw in the towel when the idea of cleaning just seems so overwhelming. That’s why today I am sharing 4 simple tips that have helped me come to a place of being OK with a house that may be clean and picked up it’s just not sterile, which is what I like to call Clean{ish} 🙂

Pick a simple routine that works for you

It is easy to get overwhelmed with cleaning before you even begin. There is so much to do. In a perfect world you would spend an hour cleaning your home and it would stay that way for at least a week, hopefully longer. But we don’t live in a perfect world, instead we live in a home where life happens, children play, dogs have muddy paws, and Cheerios multiply like cockroaches (well at least at my house anyway).

The reality is that I don’t have several hours to deep clean every day, let alone every week. So that’s why it is so important to have simple daily routines in place to help keep the cleaning under control. I have shared before 10 simple things I do every day, and I have also shared what my daily routines are.

The best thing about having and following through with daily routines is that they are adaptable. No two people most likely will have the exact same routine, everyone can have a simple system that works for them. By creating a simple routine that works for you, you are doing daily cleaning maintenance around your home. You are allowing time to get the most pressing needs met, which usually involve food and laundry.

I have been following my simple routine for several months now resulting in no longer having to spend several hours cleaning one day a week. Sure my house may not be sterile, but at least it is clean{ish},  picked up and maintained.

Do One Deep Cleaning Task a Week

If I were to focus on doing a deep cleaning task everyday, I would fail. If I waited until the end of the month to go through my house and deep clean, I would also fail. Instead I try to do one thing a week making it seem more manageable. For example last week I spent a hour dusting and wiping down all of the ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Monthly chores could be anything from those ceiling fans, dusting those dreaded baseboards (I loath that chore), vacuuming under the couch and seat cushions, or dusting all the blinds. Something that needs to be done every so often not weekly.

I’ve created a monthly cleaning and an annual cleaning checklist that allows you to list out your deep cleaning tasks that need to be done each month and then check them off when they are complete.

Accept Help if it’s Offered

I’m not going to lie, I have been pretty spoiled in this area. Both my mom and mother-in-law live very close and each spend one day a week with my kids. When they are over at my house they help fold laundry, wipe down the bathrooms, sweep the floor, or entertain the kids so that I can do all those things.

One thing I have had to learn is that they probably don’t do it like I would (anyone else guilty of re-folding towels because they weren’t folded the way you wanted them?).  Instead of focusing on the negative, I have learned to be grateful for what they are doing to help me out. If you are in a similar situation I am then you know have valuable that help is.

If you don’t have family nearby and if your budget allows for it, try to hire someone. Either a babysitter who can watch your kids while you do chores or other tasks or someone who can come into your house every once in a while to clean.

I know that not everyone’s budget allows for that, ours doesn’t either, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come in and clean your house for you? We can dream can’t we! 🙂

Maybe you and another mom can swap babysitting, you watch her kids for a morning so she can get some work done, and she will do the same for you another day. Hopefully you can find a creative solution to get some help if you need it.

Learn to Accept the Mess

At the end of the day I think we have to realize that we are in a stage of life where messes will happen several times a day and while we are doing our best to clean, sometimes we do just have to let it go. I’m not talking about not cleaning ever, but I am saying that you don’t have to follow the dog around with a mop to clean up after him. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a strong love-hate relationship with our dog. Oh the messes that he makes, bless him!

I only sweep the floor once a day, usually after dinner, so that means that sometimes crumbs or Cheerios will remain on the floor for a while. While I do fold the clothes after they come out of the dryer, sometimes they will sit in the basket in the room waiting to be put away, at least they are out of sight from the main living areas.

I think a lot of us would benefit, myself included, if we surrendered the idea that our homes have to be immaculate All. the. Time.

If you develop a simple routine that works for you, try focusing on one deep cleaning task a week, accept help, and learn to accept the mess,  I think you will find yourself to be in a much more relaxed state and enjoy this season of life.

Now for your turn to weigh in. What tips or strategies do you have to help you keep your home in a clean{ish} state? I’d love for you to share them below in the comments.

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  1. I love these ideas! I’m going to pin them to my personal boards as well as to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board so that I can look at this later when I have more time! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party.

  2. DesignedByBH says:

    Thanks for the great tips!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips!! I started working full time about 8 months ago and I’m away from home for a good 60 hours a week. I’ve really had to learn how to be okay with a mess but even more, how to be okay with my husband taking on more of the cleaning responsibilities…and not nagging him for not doing it up to my standards!! 🙂

    1. Yes not nagging the husband about doing something the way that I would like it done is so hard for me too. I need to remember that he is graciously offering to help in the mist of his busy work load too. 🙂

  4. Ashley @ Joyful Thrifty Home says:

    Great tips! I try to do a little cleaning every day even if it’s just putting stuff that gets piled on the table away. Then I try to pick one day a week to do more of the deeper cleaning like vacuum and clean the bathroom. It doesn’t normally take too long since I live in such a small space but I have the feeling when we finally get a house it will take a bit more work.

    1. That is the one thing I miss so much about our first home, I could deep clean the house so quickly! While I’m grateful and blessed to be living in our current home, sometimes I miss the simplicity I once had! So enjoy your space for now! 🙂

  5. So true. One of the best things I have taught myself is that it doesn’t have to be done my way, it just needs to be done.

  6. Heather Jackson says:

    Great tips! I would certainly settle for clean-ish. Right now I’m more tornado-ish… :-/

  7. Kimberly H. Smith says:

    These are fantastic tips, Victoria. I try to take something with me every time I leave a room to put it in its place. I keep a roll of paper towels underneath the sink in every bathroom. It helps with quick clean-ups. Visiting from SITS Sharefest!

  8. Amber Canaan says:

    I like your idea of doing 1 deep cleaning task per week. I’d never thought about it that way. I’ll make it a goal this week to do one and see how it goes! I’m one of those people who doesn’t have any family nearby. I’m trying to make room in my budget so I can have someone come help at least 1x/month.

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