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  1. I do have a little notebook where I keep a list of my gifts, but a full-size notebook to actually journal is a much better idea. Yours looks great! I, too, have gotten out of the habit of journaling. It is a tough habit to keep up with the busyness of life, but it is important; both for our benefit and for the benefit of others (perhaps our children one day?) Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday, as well, for the same reasons you mentioned. I think that reading Choosing Gratitude during the month of November is an excellent idea. I read Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift during the month of December. Have you read that yet? I’m not trying to jump ahead to Christmas already, but it is a wonderful book to keep you very focused on Christ throughout the Christmas season. Love this post, Victoria. Paul is a wonderful example of praising and being thankful in all circumstances. When I think things are tough for me, I read his stories and I am quickly humbled.

  2. I have had that book on my bookcase for approx. 2 years. I read my blogs instead of books 🙂 I like the shortness of the blogs. Have a good night! Thanks for the review.

  3. Am so looking forward to this! I happened to have the Nancy Leigh DeMoss book, and have glanced through it in the past, but like you stated, have not read it thoroughly. I have all the materials to make the journal and it so happens at our senior center this month of October, we have scheduled a prayer journal time. With your permission, I plan to make copies of how to make this journal and get the supplies together..I have the notebooks, and we have the materials at the center; that would be a great project for us that we can start in November with our gratitude journals! God Bless you for sharing! Am awaiting your confirmation on email.
    Your sister in Christ,

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