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  1. I love this! We spend most of our time at home so why not invite God into our daily life and our home! Pinning this to my cleaning board to remember this!

  2. Hey there, I love this post. I love, love, love the idea behind it. However, I want to point out one thing that you need to correct in your graphic. You are suggesting that we make prayer *a part* of, or include it in, our daily plan, but your graphic is telling us to keep it *apart* from, or separate it from, our daily plan.

  3. Love this post. I have been really praying for our home and where it sits lately because of all the sink holes that has been happening in our area lately. I just need for His watchful eye to let us know what is going on in our surroundings. Thank you for sharing

  4. Thank you so much for this! I have always been taught to pray for the family and dedicate the house to God when you buy it, but I have been so stuck in a rut of wanting more and not being content with the home we have that I haven’t been praying as I ought to. This post really convicted me and I want to thank you for that.

    1. So glad to hear that Megan. It’s something I’m convicted of often too. I go through seasons where I am really intentional about praying over my home, then life gets busy and I forget to stop. So it’s something I’m always working on at being better about.

  5. Hi Victoria,

    I truly love this post, and even though I’m reading it a few years after you wrote it, it still resonates.

    I was looking at the chaos in my room this morning (!) and wondering why it feels like things go back to ground zero in a blink after cleaning up a storm.

    I started praying and felt like each pile of mess can be tackled practically but also in prayer.
    For example, the pile of my hubby’s clothes needs sorting out, but I also need to prayer that God will guard our relationship. Or, the stack of work books needs organizing, and as I do it I prayer for God’s direction and wisdom in work. etc.

    I loved your point about making this a daily habit.



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