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  1. ooo I love fall clothing… it still seems like a way off here… even if tomorrow is the first day of fall. I love these tips though..

  2. Such great tips! For fall and winter, I try to continue to utilize my summer tanks and tops with lots of layering and pairing them them cardigans (especially cozy ones!)

  3. I’m so ready for fall but sadly we still have predictions for 90 degree days this week. Great tips – I like the idea of having 10 ready to go outfits. Don’t know if it will happen for me but I love the idea.

  4. Great thinking on the planning ahead on outfits! I also go straight to the yoga pants, even to work!

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with yoga pants 🙂 There are definitely days where they win but I also love having some outfits ready to go so that way I have motivation on those mornings where I just don’t want to change out of them.

  5. Every year I drag out scarves and fluffy sweaters in the hopes I get to wear them! But the season is so short here! If I don’t jump on it I might miss it! #Arizonaproblems

    1. Bummer you don’t get a fall but I would bet that while we are scraping the inch of ice off our cars in January Arizona temps don’t seem so bad 🙂

  6. I love fall. You’re lucky if you get changes in the seasons! Fall here just means more wind. Oh well! I still love it!

    1. Me to Michelle, that’s why I disciplined myself to pre-make some outfits so that when the motivation would lack, I’d already have some inspiration 🙂

    1. Oh goodness that is quite a difference! Where do you live Stephanie? While we don’t have near those extremes, it’s not uncommon to have warm temps one day and cold the next 🙂

  7. Awesome tips! I love being able to layer and everything in the Fall and Winter. There are so many fun Fall accessories too so it’s easy to get a little dressy. I feel like Summer just makes me lazy… t-shirt everyday!

    1. I love layering too, it’s a great way to extend some lighter summer shirts. I agree with the same ‘ol same ‘ol summer t-shirt everyday 🙂

  8. Great tips! There’s no fall or winter here. But just a tip to all who do have it. Don’t dress for depression. I say this because a lot of fall/winter clothes I’ve seen are very dark and drab this year. And winter is a dark season, so people need light and colors. Even though it’s going against the fashion and popular opionion, use colors during the winter!

    1. Good points to include colors in your wardrobe to add a little bit of light and cheer. My signature colors are red and lavender so I try and dress or accessorize an outfit in those colors.

  9. Hi there! Found you via the LWSL link-up! I love the idea of making a needs/wants list. It’s so easy to forget what you went shopping for, and end up with a bunch of shorts when you went for a sweater!

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