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  1. Can’t wait to start this study! I’ve been wanting to go through this book for awhile.

    1. If you don’t win, check your library to see if they have a copy although I believe it’s a book you’ll want on your reference shelf for years to come! 🙂

  2. I have not had an intentional Bible study for quite a while; usually I read and enjoy but not to this great of depth. I would love to win this book to help me to that end.

    1. Linda I think this book would be such a great resource and encouragement for you to learn how to dig into God’s Word without a specific planned Bible study curriculum. Leigh Ann and I are so excited to share this resource with women who just want to be in the Word without all the fancy extra stuff. I pray that you will be blessed by it too!

  3. This is such an encouraging idea. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I too have been in a great discovery of the word this past year it is hot so many residual effects on me now the part of my daily routine but it’s more than a routine it’s like second nature. I need it when I wake up and before I go to bed and I can get lost for hours. I am always finding something new even if I read a verse again. I can totally relate to this post.

  5. This is great. You saw a need and are taking steps to remedy it. Getting in my Bible daily has made a huge impact in every aspect of my life.

  6. I am really excited about this and hope to win the book!! Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. That is so amazing to hear Jennifer. God’s Word is so powerful and I very thankful for all the resources we have today to be in His Word and in community learning off one another!

  7. This sounds like a neat study and it was fun hearing about your own journey in God’s word. I love the picture of you, studying your Bible next to your baby too. It’s a good reminder that us busy moms and dads can do this. We have our fourth girl due in April, so I’ll be doing the baby watching and Bible study too 🙂

    1. Blessings to you Jed as you prepare for the arrival of your 4th little one soon! Having my Bible out with the kids is the only way I get my Bible reading time in. It’s not perfect but having a daily “unquiet” time (as I like to call it) is never about finding the perfect place to have it but instead opening up our hearts to hearing what God is saying to us.

  8. This is what I need to get into a regular study of the bible. I attend three bible studies currently, but only see to study the bible for them. Praying this will expand my search for being in God’s word.

  9. This book looks great! I would love to win one so I can join the study ? Thank you for the chance to win!

  10. Would LOVE to win!!!! This looks like a fantastic book!!!

  11. I am looking forward to starting s regulars dedicated devotional time and spend more time with God by just sitting still and reading his words.

  12. I am probably one of your oldest followers but age does not necessarily come with knowledge of the most important things we should know about and commit to doing and to meditate on. This study would greatly help me get to a deeper relationship with God as well as knowing and studying what His word says and how to apply it to my everyday life. I would very much like to win a copy.

    1. So thankful that this study will be reaching women across all generations Karen! Your wisdom and insight will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  13. Looking forward to this! Never heard of Blab, but how fun does that sound?? LOL

  14. I’ve never heard of this book before so I’m excited to see what it’s all about! Thanks so much for leading this

  15. Looking forward to joining this study and diving more into God’s Word.
    Thanks! 😉

  16. I’ve heard great things about this book! Looking forward to studying it!

  17. I am extremely excited about this study!!!! Looking forward to it…

  18. I have been away from Church and my Bible until just recently. I noticed you posted the CST and EST times. What would this be in PST ? But alas, I do not own a webcam or microphone but would love to watch the Replays if I can be allowed to do so.

    1. It will be 12PM PST and as long as you have access to a computer or a SMARTphone you will be able to watch the replay or join in live. No special tools needed! 🙂

  19. I am excited about this study. Thank you for taking the time and energy to lead it!

    1. Great Emily, I will be posting the replay and recap here every Wednesday morning so you can catch up and watch/listen at your own pace.

  20. This looks great and the blab sounds like so much fun. I have heard such good things about the book too and have been wanting to go through it.

  21. Thanking you both for the dedication you so willingly share with us in blogland. God is so good. I am new here, just discovering your blog, a grandma, but never too old to learn more about the Bible. Blessings and smiles , Emilou

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Emilou, and I love that the internet can create a community of faithful women throughout all generations! So glad to have you stopping by. Blessings 🙂

  22. Heard about this book on Revive Our Hearts also. Excited to see what’s in store! 😀

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