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  1. I love this. It is a discipline to train our minds and bodies to sit in His presence and on the days when I’m most disciplined, I know that I am closer to Him and it brightens my day. There are seasons in life when I’ve had to “train” at different times in different ways, but early morning, that has always been the best. Thanks for sharing your moments.


    1. I agree that different seasons set different times for us. My baby is 7 months old now so for the first part of the year early morning quiet times just weren’t an option. Now that sleep is more consistent, it’s a habit I’m glad to back into.

  2. Listening, reading and writing will help us to retain it longer! 🙂 Love this! i need to do more of it myself. I need to get back to my prayer journal

    1. Marie thanks to motherhood my brain is fried so I pretty much have to write everything down if I want to remember or retain it! 🙂

  3. I do envy your morning routine; Victoria. I am not a morning person but i think i can always find the perfect time to just immerse myself in the Word of God. Thanks for this post.

    1. I recently read a post about someone who had their devotional time in the evening as way to unwind from the day and focus their mind on Jesus. I’m with you, I think we can always find the time to be in the Word but that doesn’t always mean it has to be first thing in the morning for everyone.

  4. Lovely, lovely ideas, I’m going to try this…I like listening to David Nevue during my quiet times, but I’ll take a look at your suggestions too. Love the candle idea and I also find writing and colouring helpful! 🙂

  5. I also like to write out verses during my quiet times. Sometimes it’s something I’d like to use to memorise with my daughters, and sometimes it’s just something that strikes me in that particular moment.

    1. Melanie that’s so great you share Scripture with your girls. I can’t wait for my kids to be able to write because I would love to get them into the habit of writing out the word too.

  6. i’ve never had any kind of system for writing down the Word of God 🙁

    1. Andi, maybe just starting writing a verse or two when you are a reading a passage. It doesn’t have to be a lot, even a little can completely transform your heart.

  7. Sounds like a great routine. I struggle to find quiet uninterrupted time as my teenage son is an early riser and my teenage daughter a night owl.

    1. I have a friend who has a teenage daughter and a 2 year old little girl. She’s in the same boat as you. She says its so fun to visit with her daughter in the evenings but it’s so hard to get up with her little early riser 🙂

  8. I used to do this a few years back. It is definitely a great idea to write God’s Word. Definitely good to have a routine. I love the peace and quiet in the morning. We have two little ones as well.

  9. Hi Victoria…I recently discovered your site (via Brilliant Business Mums I think), and enjoy receiving your newsletters, and love your heart for God. This post has particularly inspired me. I’ve often journaled and written down what I’ve felt God speaking to me, but never thought to just write out scripture. I’m going to try it. I’m also hoping to link up to your Thursday link party sometime soon. Thanks for sharing your heart and love for Jesus.

  10. I have seen this post shared a few times this week and finally got over here to read it 😉 I used to write the Word in my journal along with the SRT lesson. But for some reason I stopped. You have reminded me how powerful it is, how it helps in remembering and also just really drives the point home instead of just skimming through. Thank you for the reminder to the importance of writing to the Lord!

    1. So glad you got a chance to read it Nannette! It’s such a simple discipline that has truly strengthened my faith and has made my daily devotional time so fulfilling.

  11. I just came across your blog. What a blessing! I started transcribing the Bible in 2010. I too am blessed by the experience of writing the Word.

  12. I love this, I write in my prayer journal in the morning and I try to write down reflections about what I read. However, I really like the idea of writing down at least one scripture each day.m sounds like a really great way to build this thing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Tega, it really is such a simple discipline that has helped me dig deeper into the word even in this busy season of motherhood where I don’t have all the time to have long inductive Bible study times.

  13. Thanks! I never thought light the candle sometime I read the Bible in the morning and sometimes evening. I am not good writing because due of my hard of hearing but I am in college. I will write bible verse so I can understand. Have a blessed day!

    1. Bless you as you journey towards writing the Word. I pray that it will bless you, and the candle is so great. It’s one of my favorite parts of my morning routine!

  14. I’m a little late reading this post but had to jump in and say what a great article it is. There are a lot of great Bible studies out there…. but nothing beats just us and the Word of God and a journal full of His truth! Thanks for sharing your heart, I plan to share this on Facebook in hopes it might encourage other women to do the same as you are doing! Blessings to you!

  15. Hi Victoria!

    Awesome post, thank you! How do you determine which scriptures to read/write. The scriptures that I usually read are those connected to my daily devotion.


  16. This was beautiful, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I was just wondering how I can turn my daily devotional reading into something more…..more meaningful, more profound. I will read a days page, reflect on it, sometimes even post my thoughts about what I got out of it on my Facebook page. But it’s always quick to disappear, never re entering my mind again. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more out of my spiritual morning moments to last longer, to remain in my mind throughout my day. This is inspiring and I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

  17. Thank you for this post! I have never written scripture… but your post has me motivated. I looked over the She Reads Truth sight you mentioned, and am excited to get started with it.
    Thank you.

    1. So glad to hear that Jan! I love She Reads Truth, and I love they provide the Bible studies for free on their site as well so that way everyone can be in the Word.

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  21. I never new that other people did this I have been doing this for the past years and find it to be the best thing I also like to rite my prayers and prayer requests, thank you for sharing with us I loved this post thank you 🙂

  22. Thank you for all your information. I wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

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  25. I am over 50 years old, and one of my earliest recollections is of my mother in worship. Seeing her in her house coat, in my dads tube socks, with a laptop and a hot drink. Her Bible, journal and her pen and pencil sat beside a box of tissues! It never failed, He would bring her to tears He would make her laugh. He gave her wisdom to be a beautiful mother, devoted wife, and an all-round wonderful person.
    Even with all the terrible things I did in my teen years, I was halted from doing the worst my curious mind was willing to entertain bcause I saw and heard her pray for all five of us kids every morning. Seldom is there a better gift you can give your child than for them to know that their parent walks with the Lord every morning in sweet communion. You brought back a beautiful memiry and reminded me of two of the greatest tool in our spiritual arsinal. Devotion and diligence to the training of the arm that whelds the sword of Truth and that hold the shield of Faith..
    Thank you!

    1. This is such a beautiful testimony of how your mother’s faith impacted your life Anita. Thank you for sharing this, and for reminding me what a blessing it is for my children to see me in my Bible too! Blessings to you 🙂

  26. I love this! It’s something I have found myself instinctually doing without realising – reading doesn’t always allow me to take in the Word – it can sometimes be very much a passive thing. However, actually writing down God’s word actively allows me to engage with in it a wholly different way. I have found it also to help with my prayer life, if I just pray silently or even aloud – my mind can often wander however, writing my prayers to the Lord down helps me to focus so much more. 🙂

  27. While it isn’t really Christian music, I absolutely love 2cellos. It is beautiful music and it makes my heart swell. I write out my prayers and have always wondered if writing them…like letters to God counts as prayer. It seems to be the only way I can focus on the act of praying and keeping my mind from flying all over the place. I do sometimes write down verses, but I don’t always do it. I think I will now!

  28. Dear Victoria,
    Your writing is so powerful, you are truly blessed. Thank you for a wonderful article, I am definitely going to follow your advice,

    God bless you,

  29. I am so thankful I found your blog! I just visited She Reads Truth, as I had pinned a post from them and you on my Pinterest board. I really relate to all you said in your post. I am also a writer, but haven’t made any time for it recently. I have all these wonderful new journals and notebooks that I won’t touch because I am afraid of “messing them up.” I’m going to grab one and dive right in! Thank you for sharing what has worked so well for you.

    1. Jan, thank you so much for sharing this! I used to be just like you too, afraid to mess up a pretty journal by writing in it, but now I go back through and read those “messy” journals of prayers and God’s Written word and my heart is so blessed! I’m so encouraged to hear you are embarking on the journey of writing His Word too!

      And good news… I am working on a Write the Word challenge for 2017 so stay tuned for a fun announcement in the new few weeks on the blog! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

      By His Grace,

  30. Make you, I enjoyed reading this. My mother passed in February 2010 at 85. She was an Evangelist and wonderful Sunday School teacher. Something amazing is that although she kept the large expository Sunday School books for the teachers, she would have notebooks and notebooks of the lessons and the word of God just written out. I kept many and could not understand why she would write out the words of the lesson and the word of God. I like that I see it from a different perspective as I a, reading your text. There is no doubt that she loved the Lord, and more, she was an advantage reader and studies of the word. Thank you ☺

  31. I read your article over a year ago, and I just stumbled across it again. I wanted to say that no practice has transformed my life more that simply writing out the scriptures and setting a morning devotional. It’s such a simple thing, but compared to my previous study that was based on just reading and highlighting in my scriptures , it is incredible how much more I, not only feel the Spirit, but actually remember scriptures at later times. Thank you! Thank you for changing my life and my study for the better!

    1. Simone, thank you so much for sharing that with me! It truly blessed my whole day to hear how this simple discipline has impacted your own faith as well! I’m so humbled that God used my words to strengthen your faith and time in the Word.

  32. Thank you so much for this. I pinned this quite some time ago, and have been doing this every now and then digitally in google notes, but I do enjoy the act of writing. It is how I etch things in my mind. I will be writing with pen and paper my take aways from my time spent in God’s Word. I have been wondering how to step/live deeper in His Word, and I know this is His answer. Thank you! God’s richest blessings for you and your family for the New Year.

  33. So encouraged by this! I have started writing the Word more and need to remember to keep doing so – I find that the verses I’ve written down really are being planted in my heart and randomly pop up when I need it. It’s so cool! God is so good and His Word has an answer for everything 🙂

  34. I’ve been doing this for years…writing out the Word as I read it and it has transformed my life. I’m 77 and have my devotions in the middle of the night…no interruptions and I am blessed because I can take naps in the daytime whenever I need to. We each have to find that time whether it’s in hours or minutes here and there…we just need to do it!

  35. I used to write a prayer on days I could sneak away to my bedroom. My husband has always been a very early riser and I’m usually busy right up to the point that I collapse into bed. I never felt as though I had any “free” time. I also would write out sometimes whole chapters.
    I seem to have forgotten my need for this. I have a little more time now as my boys are grown and gone. I just haven’t returned to it. Thank you for the kick in the other side of my lap! I really needed to read this!!! Thanks!!!

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