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  1. Victoria, I would like to see you take a more active part in the Women’s Book Club. I haven’t read through your blog yet, but the Book Club last week focused too much on the trials of motherhood and pregnancy. As someone who is past that season of life, I know how challenging it can be to be pregnant or raising children and working too. Please put the focus on Jesus and all seasons of life. This will make it pertinent to more subscribers. Thank you and many blessings.

    1. Hi Catherine, thanks for the feedback. The first session was a learning curb for me as we figured out how to use the new platform. We will actually be rotating who leads the discussion each week to allow us each to give our own unique voices. This past week was mainly an introduction, both to ourselves and to the book. We generally won’t be talking that much about our own particular situations. Starting next week we will be diving into the book, chapters 1 and 2. This study isn’t geared towards any one season of life, Jen’s teaching of how to study the Bible is very applicable to all seasons.

  2. I wrote the Duttons with concerns about the book club and did not hear back. I am going to unsubscribe. I do not feel that this the all season of life friendly. Good luck and blessings.

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