Week 3, Day 1: Money is a Tool, Use it Wisely

money is a tool

Yesterday I couldn’t think of the right words for this post on Chapter 5 about money. Then this morning I felt really inspired and wrote a post that I thought was great. But then thanks to technology issues (or divine intervention?) the entire post vanished. Talk about a deflating moment.

After a little prayer and some deep breaths, I am choosing not to let frustration win out. Instead of trying to remember what I just wrote, I’m going to share one of the best quotes from the chapter. I think Tsh summed it up best when she wrote,

Simple living is a state of mind. It’s a choice to not let the consumer-driven culture dictate how you love, what you invest in, and how you spend your valuable resources. And this choice of worldview should emanate in every facet of your life, including your wallet. The way you handle your finances and the transactions in your bank account should reflect your convictions about life. ~ Organized Simplicity, page 69.

Money is a hard subject for me to write about, mainly because it’s so personal and everyone is in different places. Tsh provides some excellent financial advice, especially in the area of creating and sticking to a budget, something my husband and I have held firm too. Sometimes it’s not always fun, but it is so rewarding to work towards financial goals, including paying off our remaining debts.

There is so much to write and say about financial stewardship, but most of it has already been said by other people who are much more educated on this subject than I am.

Dave Ramsey is a wonderful resource for learning to live on a budget and pay off debts, as well as living debt free.

Crown Financial Ministries provides excellent Biblical resources on finances, stewardship, investments, and teaching your kids about money.

Randy Alcorn’s books The Treasure Principle and Money, Possessions, and Eternity are some of the most challenging, thought-provoking and game-changing books that I have personally read about this subject. He has completely transformed that way I think about money.

Crystal from Money Saving Mom shares personal testimonies and practical advice on how she and her family are living debt free and thriving. (As a side note, her new book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life releases today. I had the privileged to read it and it is a breath of fresh air. If you feel like your wheels have been constantly turning, yet you’re not going anywhere, Crystal shares personal struggles and how she overcame them. It was such an encouragement to read.)

All of those above resources I have personally used, read and referred to time and time again. They know what they are talking about. Finally, my best piece of advice when it comes to money and finances is to pray.

Ask God to lead and guide you and your family as you set financial goals. Give your finances to Him and allow Him to reveal His plan to you. It can be scary at times, but the safest most rewarding place to be is in God’s will.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received regarding finances?


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  1. That is a great quote from her book. I can’t wait to read it. We are working really hard right now to make our bank transactions reflect our hearts and what we believe in. Every day is a choice to make better, wiser choices! Thanks for the encouraging post! Visiting from our SITS tribe 🙂

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