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  1. You’re so right, Victoria! #4 is genius.

    This is an excellent list, Tobi. I think #5 is very important not only for accountability, but because we have so much to learn from one another when we study together.

    Thanks for sharing this encouraging post, ladies!

  2. Thanks Tobi for the wonderful tips!getting to bed on time is probably the best thing I can do to get up early the next day to spend time in the word.

    1. Hi Martha, yes getting to bed at a decent hour is so important and something I also struggle with since I am such a nigh owl. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I go through different seasons where I alternate whether I’m a night owl or a morning person 🙂 but I have found that when I have a consistent evening routine, my morning routine naturally happens which includes time in the Word.

  3. Oh my friend I love all of these tips… and use them all too! I am a huge utilizer (?) of YouTube – both in listening to sermons and worship! It sets an atmosphere and helps me to stay focused. I’m a lover of His Presence… so sometimes it is just as simple as slowly breathing in deep and turning my heart and attention to Him… and just like that, He is there!

    1. Hi Karrilee, as I was writing this I wanted to be more creative, but these are the things that kept coming to mind, probably because they are so important and also easy to neglect doing. I agree about just slowing down long enough to draw near to His presence is huge. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I have never thought about You Tube! I love listening to sermon Podcasts and worship music throughout the day. I’ll have to check out a few You Tube channels now. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Small is definitely good! It took me two years to read through the gospels–but I did it very slowly, one section at a time, and I wrote extensive notes in my Bible (kind of like writing my own study Bible 😉 ). Now I have a treasury right in my Bible (the facing pages had one with text and one blank) of what each of those verses meant to me.

    1. Love that! I made it a goal to read through the Bible a few years ago, and I’m glad I did, but now I am more focused on studying the Word chapter by chapter allowing His Words to truly soak in.

  5. Joining small group is an awesome idea to start into the new year. It is great to have some accountability and friends to call. Thanks for sharing this helpful and inspiring list.

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