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  1. I love the family traditions that my family has done throughout life. Since I’m older that means my grandparents and parents are older so it makes it all the more special.

    1. Yes, take the time to cherish the time with your family. I lost my day earlier this year so this will be the first holiday season without him and I know it’ll be a little rough. I wish I would have been more intentional last year but I’m making the effort to really embrace the season and traditions this year.

  2. Love this, Victoria! I am a HUGE tradition nut, and now that I”m been parenting for almost 2 decades, I can say this this matters A LOT. Traditions have anchored us and given us things to look forward to and brought us together. They have smoothed life’s rough edges and connected us as a family–all of which is even more important now that I’m raising 2 teenagers. I grew up in a tradition-rich family and I hope I’m giving my girls one to grow up in. You are so right about the memories: “remember when” is a more powerful statement than seems possible with just two little words. My girls are so busy with typical teenage lives, but we cling to our traditions anyway; among other things, I have yet to see the crisis, broken heart, or school stress that Family Pizza Night cannot at least take the edge off. Thanks for sharing on this sweet subject!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Elizabeth! I want my children to look back on these days with fondness at the traditions and memories we have created. I love your perspective as a mom of teens and already seeing the benefits of what you and your family started years ago. Thanks for sharing!

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