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  1. Not a parent. The way you live your life, in front of your children, is a testament to “what would Jesus do?”

    There is much more emphasis in society on Christmas than there is on Easter. IMHO, it should be the other way around.

    1. Thank you Karan for your comment. We try our best to faithfully raise our kids with a lot of prayer. We don’t always get it right but am so thankful for His grace!

      And yes, I wish Easter had more of an importance in our society so we do our little part at home to impact their little hearts to know and love Him.

  2. I am completely blown away with this post! Definitely will be sharing this in a moms group I’m apart of!
    I love the idea of filling the baskests with something intentional and the children’s holiday books!

  3. We have a Christian song writer, Colin Buchanan, here in Australia who has written an album for kids called ‘Boss of the Cross’. He’s written some great Scripture memory songs that I remember from my childhood and he’s still writing. I sung on stage with him when I was 8 and I’ve been to 3 of his very high energy Bible-based concerts with my children and we love them.

  4. Thanks for these ideas! Our daughter is under 1 so this Easter have started to think about how we’ll do some fun things to celebrate outside of church etc. next year when she can engage a bit more.

    I’ve read about the egg and Easter egg hunts as a symbol at Easter, and it all stems from pagan worship and tradition. Given this, I’m going to steer away from eggs, regardless if we put a Christian spin on it. A few additional ideas I have: thinking of celebrating Passover and having a big feast moving forward, and sharing about Jesus’ fulfilment of Passover as the perfect and final atonement. Also thinking we might make our own chocolate—going to look for lamb moulds to avoid the Easter bunny 🙂

    I’m genuinely hoping to strike a balance of Easter being fun and a big celebration but not including parts of pagan worship. It’s a hard balance!!

  5. Wow. Not only have you hit all the questions I’ve listened to from parents, but you and your readers have maintained such a kindness, even in the comments, as people share how they made their decisions! Thank you for such a helpful topic.
    Ultimately, we are to know Christ and make Him known. What an amazing opportunity we have at Easter to do this when it’s suddenly appropriate!
    Thank you again for perspective and amazing resources.

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