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  1. I usually handwash our dishes because we end up running out of utensils before the dishwasher is full! (Only my husband, baby, and self here) It’s honestly not one of my favorite chores, but I enjoyed reading this post – it is a good reminder how we can use that time wisely to the glory of God and the benefit of our family. (I hope your machine gets fixed soon though!)

  2. I actually love hand washing the dishes. Even when the dishwasher is loaded but not everything fits I’ll do the dishes by hand. It calms me and I love the feeling of a clean kitchen after a meal. And when I have the water ready I swipe the counters as well. I like a nice clean kitchen.

  3. I prefer hand washing and, since it is just my husband and I – and I’m minimalisty, I keep our kitchen stuff to a minimum and push myself to think of doing the dishes as part of the meal making process. I prep, I cook, I eat, I wash… usually I try to wash as I go as well.

    I long for a place with a big low kitchen sink window (and a nice backyard to look out upon) though 🙂

  4. Just bookmarked this article – didn’t learn how to do this when I was growing up – so now i’m learning all of this 🙂

  5. Clever blog post! 😀 Yes, we use way too many dishes too! Sometimes I don’t even bother loading our dishwasher – seems like I can wash by hand much faster!

  6. Love love love this!!!! My favorite part was praying while you washed!! And watching your gifts while they played!! I will change my tune while I wash!!
    Thank you and God bless!!

  7. I love washing dishes (most of the time). We have a dishwasher but it is rarely used. There are only three of us in the house, myself, my OH and our son. If we used it I would be running it every couple of days, which would result in using a lot of dishes and possibly having to wash pots and pans in between. What a waste.
    Like you I look out into the garden and enjoying watching the birds or even the bats flying around. I also pray and thank God for various things.

  8. We totally use too many dishes! Great time to pray! Loved this.

  9. I prefer to just hand wash as I go. It makes for less dishes to do at once. When my kiddos were younger, we’d sing “Rejoice in the Lord” while we did dishes. A treasured memory, for sure.

  10. Going back to handwashing dishes is definitely not fun, but I do understand how it can be relaxing once you accept that it has to be done. In the past, I’ve put on peaceful music and cleared my mind a bit while getting dishes done, and it’s been nice. Thanks for sharing!

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