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  1. Where was this when I needed it last week? Just kidding. 😀 I love it. I was doing an elimination diet last week (similar to Whole 30, but just for a week). I did eat many of these foods (and yes, the smoothies felt like milk shakes after a few days of not having any milk). I wish I would have thought of that turkey pickle roll-up though. Sounds really good to me!

    1. I also pretend I’m drinking a milkshake too! It helps that berry smoothies are naturally sweet. The turkey pickle roll ups aren’t for everyone, but if you like pickles (I love them!) it’s a nice snack with a little bit of protein.

  2. Oh man, I love Lara bars and just the sound of coconut cream pie is delicious! Nuts are such a good snack and you can make homemade applesauce easy in the crockpot. I have to eat every 3 hours or I get low blood sugar and get cranky, so I have to bring snacks all the time!

      1. If you have a pressure cooker (mine is an Instant Pot, which is electric), it just takes minutes to make applesauce.

  3. Smoothies are always a hit at our house – my 3 girls (7, 6, & 3) like to help me make them, and homemade applesauce is one of our favorites. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I’m visiting from the Live Called Link-up 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  4. Thanks for sharing these! I have several friends that are doing paleo diets and they’ll love the info. 🙂

    – Brooke –

  5. YUM! thanks for the inspiration! I’m always looking for more snacking ideas ;o) stumbled!! Emily

  6. Hi Victoria-

    How were your results after whole 30? Do you feel better? I just started today and I need to snack as well. Even though they had mentioned to try not snack. Thanks

    1. Hi Ashley once you get over the initial hump, about 10 or so days in for me, you start to feel really great. I had energy, the cravings where gone and I just felt better. I actually need to do another Whole 30 and try to make a life style change because I have fallen back into some old sugar addicting habits 🙂 Good luck as you start your journey and happy snacking 🙂

  7. I dehydrated watermelon for a sweet snack. Loved it!!

  8. Thanks so much for this awesome list! I’m new to the Whole 30 thing and needed some help thinking of snacks. Love the turkey/pickle idea! I was wondering what you use to eat the guacamole? I LOVE guac, but obviously eat it with tortilla chips. I don’t think those are “allowed”!

      1. I also use guacamole as a dressing for lettuce wraps. Lettuce, meat and guac in between. Acts like a mayo or mustard.

    1. Try Plantain chips! I swear they taste like tortilla chips. I as pleasantly surprised and now I am obsessed.

  9. Starting my Whole30 tomorrow. Went shopping, got things prepped. Made mayo (tastes better than regular, much lighter) Eggs Benidict deviled eggs, Cauliflower hummus ( tastes like regular!) and have a chicken roasting in the crockpot for tomorrows lunch. Will have to try the guac dip!

  10. Gross!!! I think not. I fell in love with turkey wrapped pickles when I gave up eating bread several years ago and still love them today. Just to let you know olives wrapped in turkey aren’t bad either! B-)

  11. Great list! We’re about to go on our second Whole30 as a family. I LOVE RX bars too though they are even more expensive than the Lara bars and I have to order them!

  12. I was reading your snack tips and was wondering what kind of almond milk you are using for your Whole30 smoothies. The ones I have found have carrageenan which is not Whole30 approved. I would love to have almond milk back in our lives. We cut it out for 30 days due to unapproved ingredients.

    Also, we like the Larabars as well, but you have to be very cautious on the ingredients if you are trying to follow the whole30 completely. They sneak chocolate, peanuts and other unapproved ingredients in (depending on the flovor).

    1. Hi Denise, I buy the Silk brand of unsweetened original almond milk. There is no carrageenan or sugar added. It’s one of the only brands that doesn’t use carrageenan. And yes, I agree with you you do have to read the labels on the Lara bars because many do sneak in little cheats.

      1. I love Silk Almond Milk but the ingredients it shows that it has Cane Sugar – isn’t that an automatic no – no. No added sugars allowed. They do offer a recipe for making your own almond milk on the whole30 website.

          1. “SO” makes a compliant unsweetened coconut milk also…just watch the labels b/c they have different varieties.

          2. But it does have Lecithin I think, which I thought was a non-compliant ingredient?

  13. Thanks for sharing! My goal in May was to put a snack list together to have handy at work, which I never did. Your list gave me the inspiration I need! The only thing I really added to it was cucumbers and salsa! Cucumber slices give the crunch like a chip and totally satisfies my need for tortilla chips! Haven’t tried it with quac, but we are fairly flexible with our diet and just do Gluten Free and Dairy free, while striving to be Paleo. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for good healthy snacks for my DD and myself!

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