Savor the Little Things


Savor the Little Things

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. ~Robert Brault

This chapter really struck a cord with me as I read it. In fact, my Kindle version is filled with the yellow highlights because there were so many great points that Tsh reveals.

I’ve shared before several times why I think it is so important for us to know what our priorities are and use those as a guide to evaluate how we spend our time, what we spend our time on, and with who we spend our time with.

A few weeks back, Tsh had us create a family purpose statement, and if you haven’t already figured out what your personal priorities are, I highly encourage you to spend some time in prayer and work through identifying those. I agree with Tsh when she says …”to find a true solution, you must redefine your priorities as a family and solidify the purpose of your home.”

We can spend all the time in the word cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing our homes, but if we don’t have a clear understanding of what our purpose is and what our priorities are, we most certainly will not be living a simple life.

Instead, while our homes may be neat and tidy, our lives will feel hectic and chaotic. We’ll spend countless hours running around in circles on tasks that don’t mean much to the bigger picture.

The beauty of finding your purpose is that when you give it room to create a simpler life for your family, you’ll have more time and leisure to enjoy these little things. ~Organized Simplicity page 97

If you haven’t already guessed… I’m big on creating daily routines to help keep me on task around the house. I don’t create structured time schedules, but I like to have a basic plan for how I will attack the day.

When I’m intentional with my time I find that I get the must-do things (cooking, basic cleaning, getting dressed, etc.) done so that it clears up my day to spend time with my kids or do other things that I enjoy, like reading and writing.

My number one priority in this season is my husband and children. I made the personal sacrifice to give up my career so that I could have this time while my kids are young. But just like any mom would tell you (stay at home and working), the daily chores and tasks can easily take president over my time with the kids. I’m more than guilty of telling me son, “Give Mommy a few more minutes to finish this and I’ll be right there” when he asks for me to come play with him.

 What I most enjoy about having a flexible routine is that it allows me ample time to get the chores and tasks done but also allow me the precious time to spend with my kids.

Some examples of my “Little Things” that I have learned to enjoy and cherish are:

  • early morning snuggles with my early riser even though my morning hours are when I’m most productive
  • sweet giggles when I act like a total goof ball and make voices as we read aloud or sing together
  • time spent with my husband at the end of the day cuddling while he watches sports and I read
  • chopping vegetables (it really is therapeutic!) while I prepare dinner for my family

The list really could go on and on. I know that it has become quite a popular trend in the past few years, but I do see, and have personally benefited from, creating a daily list of “little things” to be grateful for and recognize as blessings in our lives.

While I don’t specifically write down a list of items daily, I’m always amazed at how many items I can come up with when I do spend a few minutes righting down my gratitude list in my prayer journal. Not only does it make me realize just how many blessings I have in my life, but it also encourages me to give more praise to God. How can I not praise and thank Him for all of the precious little blessings in my life?

In the last few pages of the chapter, Tsh provides some specific examples of how she is able to enjoy her life when her home is organized and she is truly living a simple life, including using your hands, cooking from scratch, and entertaining and socializing.

I couldn’t personally relate to the short section of using your hands mainly because I don’t have a crafty bone in my body and any attempts at a DIY project often looks like a child did it, but I do love to write and in order to do that I have to use my hands. When my home is organized and clean through following my simple daily routines, I’m left with enough free time to write.

What simple pleasure would you be able to enjoy if you lived a more simple and intentional life?

Make your home a place where you can slow down. Don’t just wish for it and watch with helplessness as your kids grow by the minute. Choose now to make your home a haven that can serve your family’s desires and dreams, and don’t waste any more time enslaving yourselves as its servants. Life is too short to miss out on the little things. ~Organized Simplicity page 103. 

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  1. One of my favorite simple pleasures is drinking from a mason jar with a colorful straw…. why yes it is the little things in life 🙂

    1. Kara do you know that every time I fill my mason jars with stock (or whatever I’m freezing), I always think of you and your mason jar jug!

  2. One of my favorites is to soak in a warm bubble bath and a hot cup of tea. It’s like I can go into a little cave and de-stress, talk to God, regroup. I’d love to spend more time just reading for fun.

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