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  1. Hi, Victoria! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I am so ready to start the new year with new goals and focus. Setting up my reading schedule using your guide as a starting point. (Already have a list of books longer than I could ever dream of reading in a year, so I’ll be learning about prioritizing my list and my time, too!)
    Hey, I wonder if you could offer a “printable” version of this article? (text only, sans photos/ads? ) I’d like to keep it in my notebook. The how to plan for reading article would be great in this format, too!
    Thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration! Please keep up the good work! Blessings in 2018!

  2. With the new year just around the corner, I am so very glad to have found your blog post about planning. I am a very clumsy planer and never go according to my goals, but this year I am very determined to set goals and accomplish them.
    Thank you for sharing and a Happy new year, Victoria! All the love from Nepal xoxo

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